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    Willow stood in silence as she watched as each member stepped forward, even the homeless boy whom now introduced himself as Ike became involved.

    Willow knew where everyone was coming from, even Julian whom seemed to stand alone in this argument. But the fact of the matter was that they were going to have to face this life keeper, no matter what.

    “We’ll work as a team alright?” Willow said in a quiet but sure voice. “Discussing this is only wasting time and we were chosen to do this. We knew the risks before the professor even gave us the life meter and we still accepted. This is the price we pay. Yes, we are gambling with our lives here but we don’t have another option. We use our numbers against our opponent, we’ll wear them down. Sure it means sacrificing points but we’ll gain much more from doing so. As far as the other life keepers will be concerned, we’ll just be the fresh meat that got lucky with timing.”

    At this, she fell quiet, staring down at Jinxsy whom sat in her arms. Julian was right. This was a foolish move. Waiting it out would be the wise choice, but time was something they didn’t have. Goodness knows how many people were suffering right now.

    “Not to mention we have one more advantage.” She began again, looking up from her Pokémon with a still gaze that swept around the group. “We are new trainers. This isn’t a bad thing as some might think. We are still learning. We aren’t cocky, we are adaptive. No one knows what type of trainer we’ll really be in the end. Heck no one will know what we’ll be like a week from now. We can’t show all our own cards if we don’t even know what they are yet. They won’t know what to expect and that’s what we’ll use. Make them think we are one thing, then use the opposite. Keep them guessing.”

    Whether this was a good idea or not, Willow had no idea. But when at last her mouth closed, she simply met the gaze of the group with a steady look. Her face unchanging, even though her grip on Jinxsey tightened slightly.

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