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    Chapter 4: Judgment!

    Zane stood up and a small smirk showed up on his face; he felt stronger and even faster after his power had awoken. “Tell me why Maximus, why did you come after me!” He demanded.

    A cold, evil smile crawled its way onto Maximus’s pink dry lips, and sent a chill crawling down the boys back. “Now Zane, you of all people should know that I hate repeating myself so listen closely,” Maximus said his whisper turning into a growl, “I am your judgment, your greatest fear; it really is flattering but if you don’t beat me boy……. You’re going to die!”

    “Great so I have to beat a psychotic teleportor with no weapon,” Zane sighed, rubbing his frustrated hand through his midnight black hair. “But then again, I’ve been waiting to kick your butt for a long time!” he smirked confidently, knowing that he could win; somehow he just knew that he could.

    “All of that cockiness will end up getting you killed!” The Psychopath yelled.

    Zane jolted towards Maximus with great speed, but the psychotic man just stood there in a bored manner. He jumped high in the air, somersaulting over the mad man and swung his right leg with brutal force, the man took a step back easily dodging the boy’s kick but Zane kept pushing. It was like they were dancers completely in sync, moving one after the other, Maximus ducked another swing and jumped back sliding across the floor with ease. “Well, I see you’ve gotten a little faster, but you’re still not fast enough!” He taunted.

    The second the boy landed on the wooden floor that had just been turned into an all out battle field, Zane stood ready for Maximus’s next attack. “I’m going to end your life right here and now on this poorly polished wooden floor,” Maximus yelled rage burning inside of his sky blue eyes. “Now Hirosanshi (Stands for Golden Death blade), lend me your powers!”

    Suddenly the air pressure was denser, Zane’s body felt heavier, like a brick in the ocean; out of nowhere like a sudden magic act, sparkling golden dust circled around Maximus’s body.

    “Wait don’t tell me he has a sword to!” Zane yelled losing what little hope he had thinking that he could win. The crazed man struck his hand through the circling golden dust, and a second later he pulled out a long, golden sword with a black grip.

    “Behold my mighty sword Hirosanshi.” Maximus said.

    “Is there suppose to be a reason why I should care?” The fire manipulating child asked in sarcasm pretending not to care. Maximus smiled and took a step back into the dark shadows.

    “Perhaps you will care when you’re begging me for mercy. You always were a smart alick.” The psychopath’s emotionless voice echoed within the darkness. Zane stood there in the light turning his head in the direction where he heard the sound of his feet moving across the cold gymnasium floor. He couldn’t see through the darkness but he knew Maximus could see him.

    “Hmm, you know I stopped begging a long time ago, you don’t scare me anymore Maximus. You’re not the only one with power now!” He said.

    “Well maybe you should start practicing!” The psychotic teleportor yelled. Suddenly Maximus appeared high in the air with his golden sword at the ready above his head.

    “I have nothing to lose, so I’m totally going to kick your butt for all the pain you put me through Maximus!” Zane yelled. The sword wielding maniac swung down his golden sword but the boy jumped back already focusing on his next move and slid into the dark shadows.

    “Now it’s my turn, find me if you can!” The child taunted. Suddenly without another second to think, Maximus leaped into the shadows. Zane had no idea what he was planning but he knew it wasn’t a part of his strategy and now neither of them could see the other.

    The flame manipulating boy felt a cold, heartless figure push him and he flew across the room into the light with a thump against the hard wooden floor. Zane jumped back to his feet just as Maximus, the reason why he was here charged straight for him and swung his long, sharp, cold golden sword, the boy took a step back but he was too late. The freezing cold, golden blade cut into Zane’s bronze brown cheek just enough to make warm red crimson blood trickle down to his chin from the fresh wound.

    “Ouch!” Zane yelled.

    Maximus smiled and licked his dry pink, thin lips, and there it was again, that warm feeling; it felt like a hug a really, really warm hug. He looked down and as he did hot orange flames covered his entire left and right arms. With a smile Zane tightened his fist making the roaring flames grow bigger. “You creep, Maximus! If you want to fight me then fine, let’s get serious!” He yelled.

    Maximus stopped in his tracks and stood there with a crazed look on his face. “Prove me wrong Zane.” He whispered.

    “About what? What do you mean?” The boy asked his voice betraying him. Zane’s former psychotic teacher started to laugh; it scared him to see Maximus that way. Maximus had always kept his calm well, if you considered beating him until he passed out calm.

    “Prove to me that you are the king! Show me that you have the instinct to win!” Maximus yelled. Zane bit his bottom lip, Maximus was losing it.

    “Maximus get it together! You’re completely losing your sanity and after I beat you I’m sending you to the nut house!” He yelled in plea.

    “Enough talk!” The crazed man yelled. That crazed look appeared on Maximus’s face again. Zane had never seen that look before not ever, it scared him, the man that he once knew, the man that put him through pain, so much pain was quickly losing his sanity; if he had any from the start.

    It was true that Maximus put Zane through a lot of pain, but there were some good times. “Maximus stop!” He yelled.

    Hot tears of sorrow flooded down Zane’s light brown cheek mixed with a blood from his fresh wound, like a water fall. Maximus sprinted straight for Zane screaming in a crazed delight. The man that Zane knew was gone and was replaced with a crazier version. The fire wielding child tightened his fist, “Well I guess I don’t have a choice now,” He whispered. “I’ll just have to knock the crazy right out of you Maximus!”

    “You’re going to die boy!” The psychopath yelled.

    “Oh is that right? Let’s go!” He yelled in return. Zane held out his hands still covered in hot orange flames. A ball of orange fire formed in his right hand about the size of a baseball.

    “You think that pitiful fireball is enough to stop me!” Maximus yelled in anger. He swung his long golden blade multiple times at Zane.

    “No but I’m just getting started.” He replied. Zane jumped back dodging all of Maximus’s swings, and flung his hot orange fire ball!

    “I’m starting to think you’re playing around.” Maximus said. He gripped his golden sword tighter and sliced the hot, rotating orange fireball in half.

    “Well you keep thinking that.” Zane replied. The psychotic man leaped high into the air holding his sword Hirosanshi above his head. The boy focused and created another ball of hot orange flames.

    “Take this you psychopath!” The child yelled. He flung the flaming hot, ball of orange flames straight for the man that lost his sanity. Maximus shifted his weight to the right, dodging the fireball letting it smash into the roof leaving a burn mark. Mr. Yodahama isn’t going to be pleased that Zane was putting scorch marks all over his roof.

    With incredible speed, Maximus landed right in front of him and swung his blade, it cut deep in Zane’s chest. The cold, golden blade stained with Zane’s warm, red crimson blood slid out from his chest and Maximus licked his lips. “Ah!” He yelled in pain.

    Zane dropped to the floor, blood lots and lots of blood spraying from his chest. It hurt, bad worse than being thrown into concrete, or being bitten by the head Benju wolf. He slowly picked himself up the pain growing worse and worse by the second, and placed his right light brown hand over his wound. “I’m going to get you back.” He whispered.

    Maximus licked his lips at the sight of Zane’s thick O positive blood; he felt like it was calling him. “I’m sorry,” He whispered, “I’ll kill you quickly.”

    Zane sighed, “Fine Maximus, you want to play crazy,” He said, “I’ll play as well!”

    Maximus charged straight for him, and Zane sprung backwards towards the shadows. “Trying to do the same trick again, it didn’t work the last time!” He yelled.

    “Shut up and you’ll see.” Zane said as he leaped high in the air. The bleeding boy held out both of his hands that were engulfed in orange flames and formed two small, round fireballs barely the size of pool balls and flung it towards the teleporting psychopath. In the blink of an eye Maximus was gone and the spiraling fireball smashed into the dark brown wooden floor.

    “Your little tricks aren’t enough Zane, I’m only disappointed that you’re going to die so quickly you won’t even feel it, and not suffer a little longer.” Maximus whispered from behind Zane.

    The spiky black haired boy was in mid air and still the psychopath was able to teleport behind him without a signal of warning. Maximus prepared his blade, ready to cut deep into Zane’s flesh and swung the golden sword already stained with the boy’s rich O positive blood and was ready to have more. “Sorry Maximus but you’re not the only one who wants to win here.” Zane whispered.

    The determined young man threw down his body weight, flipping over and caught the golden sword with the heels of his black Adidas shoes. Zane kicked the sword from Maximus’s grip and held the orange ball of blazing fire in front of the crazed man’s face ready to release it. “Take this you creep!” He yelled.

    The fire wielding child released the blazing ball of orange flames and they spread across Maximus’s pale face. It burned him, scorching his entire face and as his body slammed against the hard wooden floor he yelped in pleading pain. Zane landed a few feet away from Maximus who was yelling in pain holding his hands over his scorched face. “You, little nuisance!” Maximus yelled.

    “What’s wrong Maximus, can’t take the heat.” Zane taunted. The psychotic man released a loud laugh that sent a humongous chill down Zane’s back. The crazed man removed his hands from his face revealing the damage the boy had done, Maximus’s pale face was no longer pale, it was covered in broils and his skin turned purple.

    “You did this to me! I will kill you Zane!” He yelled. Maximus jumped to his feet and charged straight for Zane a murderous look on his scorched face.
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