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Although this LP is a sequel to my Let's Play of White 1, it should still be viewable by all. Anyway, I've been doing LP's for about a year now, and I've completed three so far, but I think there are still some things I can improve on, perhaps. All my LP's are video ones, as I just love to talk about stuff (trying to explain as much as I can) while actually playing a game. Also, you'll hear the name Lady Tanuki a lot, since that's my username on Youtube.

So here is Part 1. Not much happens in this part (I don't even get my first Pokemon by the end of the video), but there's just so much to talk about before I do! Indeed, I only do LP's of games I really love or am interested in, so I have a tendency to talk a lot about them rather than just run quickly through the game.

--List of Pokemon Battle Themes-- (in alphabetical order)
Flik: Boomer Kuwanger (Megaman X)
Genetor: GENE163-1425 (Mother 3)
Janine: "Moondance" by Nightwish
Kikucho: "Hero Samurai" by Alphatown2000
Lassie: "Stay" by Victoria
Lumina: "Dreams Come True" by S.E.S.
Monty: Monty on the Run theme
Mr. Batty: Mr. Batty Twist (Mother 3)
Ni-Ni: "Little Kitty Mine" by Ni-Ni
Nico: "Black Cat" by Lupin
Nimbus: The Spirit Chaser (Rudora no Hihou)
Nitori: Candid Friend (Touhou: Mountain of Faith)
Orville: "Jet Set Life" by Smiles and More
Ugly Bug: "Scatman" by Scatman John

Part 1: Same Ol' Different Ol'

Any feedback would be appreciated--otherwise, enjoy! Part 2 will be up in a day or two--I already recorded parts 2 and 3, but I still have to put them together and all.

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