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Elene Merlin
Girl's Dorm
The concept of herself being bad at playing the violin urged Elene to burst into laughter, but restrained it to a smirk. This girl clearly had no idea who she was! But, she couldn't quite demonstrate her ability yet, as she resolved to finish scribing her tune across the paper and respond to the naive roommate's words. She doubted that Nami would have been able to restrain her regardless of her skill with the violin's strings; something seemed off about the way she moved and reacted Elene's eloquent words. She was dismissive, perhaps, or simply rude without reason, which were clear marks of somebody whose views were held with the stubborn grip of a kraken. ...perhaps there were some of those attending the school, but that would be a mystery for some other day. But they were likely to be near the pool, so that was pushed straight to the bottom of her agenda.

The most damning question of all, by Elene's judgement, came when Nami asked her if she possessed a Rosary. Her thoughts were not articulate in the slightest, as they formed more of an incoherent rage at the incomprehensibility of that very idea. So many things to yell at her roommate, about the utter stupidity of suppressing their abilities as though they were something to be ashamed of, and practically spitting in the face of all those who recognized such a fact. Perhaps an innocent bracelet that appeared to be a Rosary, but with something slightly off to nullify any power the shape could hold, would have been useful in a disguise, but was an outrage that offended the Vampire's senses like a putrid stench. She would deny that which made them smaller Gods!

Rather than letting Nami know all of this, Elene finished scribbling her tune and placed the paper sheet away in her violin case, while her voice stroked her roommate's ears like velvet. "I'm afraid I possess no such thing. I practiced my human fairly often as a child," She said, getting to her feet with her violin bow in one hand and pale fingers wrapped around the ebony neck of her violin, before her approach led to the window that overlooked the grounds outside their dorm. "And it seems...impractical, for there is a lot of danger waiting outside these halls. I would rather not be taken defenseless." A sharp chord struck the strings. "Would you?"

Girl's Dorm
Patient seconds passed as Ashling stood to the side of her roommate, no intention of forcing the issue in her mind. If her roommate turned out to be one of those few who only took to conversation in passing, she would settle within their bubble until such a time they were comfortable talking. But as her foot turned towards her bed, the slightest whisper escaped the lips of her waifish roommate, whose word was followed by a leap into the air that startled her just enough to take a single step back and tilt her head in the girl's direction. Despite herself, a small smile came to her lips. Had her own startle not amused her, the way Eva's hair-balls bounced in the air would have made her laugh. There was something unwieldy about such ridiculously long or large hair, as she had to suffer through with hers, but cutting it wouldn't have felt right.

The girl stuttered as she introduced herself in kind, a cute habit that Ashling did not get to see often given the company she normally held, but it was just another quirk to appreciate. Perhaps it was only in comparison to those people, but anyone as involved with books as Eva's nose had been seemed to have many odd habits or ticks that were not very common in other folk. She looked down ever so slightly, almost surprised that the skinny thing hadn't snapped her legs with that jump she performed, to be able to meet Eva's cool blue eyes. There was a certain twitch to them, a flaw that she could recognize in herself; rarely in control of the way her emotions could affect her body language.

Thanking her for the compliment wasn't necessary, but she appreciated it all the same; sometimes people overcompensated with their thanks, but she tried not to. Most of the time. "My sword-thingy?" She asked, her head turning aside briefly before resting her fingers on the elegant sheath at her waist. "Oh, my sheath." She spoke with an inkling of pleasant surprise, as she glance down at it. "I spar, but we can't bring weapons on school grounds. I keep it around for comfort, and because it looks nice... Would you like to hold it?" She offered, in part because most people wanted to have a swing with it, and because Eva didn't look like the kind of person that could cause harm if she tried to.
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