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Julyanne "Julian" Eigis

Julyanne turned away from the group, sighing irritably. She kept quiet for quite a while thinking, before addressing the other trainers.

"Fine, fine. You want to go and save them? Then go."

She let that statement hang in the air before turning back to them.

"But you won't be going out like that." The girl-disguised-as-a-guy eyed their outfits. "Let's go to the mart. I have a plan."

"Ever heard of the False Flag Operation?" Julyanne grinned mentally. There are times when she just has to let go and let fate decide her course. Still, she's not going to do that until there's one thing she controls that can turn the tide.

'And oh boy, am I going to have fun with this. That'll teach them to ignore my hints.' She thought as she headed to the PokeMart