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Ever since G/S/C, Stall has been a major team archetype putting to practice Koga's philosophy concerning indirect damage to win battles. Stall features careful teambuilding around bulky Pokemon and quick recovery to withstand and outlast the opponent's attacks while wearing them away with passive damage such as Toxic poison and entry hazards. Like Mewtwo it has changed, for better or for worse, throughout the generations and meta-games, never being quite as prominent as it was at its birth yet a top-tier competitor all the same. With the introduction of BW2, Stall once again has to adapt to the new changes brought by new formes, new events, new Dream World releases, new move tutors, and even new tier changes.

How has Stall changed with BW2? Is it more or less viable than it was BW or in any previous generations? Feel free to discuss anything ranging from Full Stall to Semi-Stall.

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