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Gau was grateful that he wasn't going to be forced to say much more, he much preferred watching others to taking action himself, not to say he wasn't prepared to take action when it was needed. He felt frustrated with Julian, he was going to have to keep an eye on him, and find some time to talk to the nut-job who sprinted all they way from Jubilife.

He listened as the other trainers gave their views, he was particularly curious as to why they had all more or less skated over his statement about some of them dying but he would have to wait and see. Perhaps not talking about it made them feel more comfortable.

The conversation died down a bit after Willow had pointed out the unique advantage only beginners such as themselves possessed, that was definitely going to come in handy in the early days of their journey. That was when Julian mentioned something
"Ever heard of the False Flag Operation?"
He didn't remember much about it but had read about it not too long ago. He was fairly sure it involved someone acting as a decoy, he didn't remember much else though it had been a boring book. He voiced his familiarity with it in a short sentence
"I don't know it well, but I have read about it before" he then returned to his previous position, watching the other trainers. They really needed to get moving.