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    Evan Lee Gildred

    Eva bounced lightly on the balls of his feet, a bit of a nervous habit he had developed over the years when he took part in a conversation. Even as he slowly rose and fell with the rhythm of his bounce, a height he rarely ever achieved unless he wore heels, he was still shorter than the girl opposite him. As he continued bouncing, he cast a few curious looks over her once again, ignoring the few obvious eye catches one would focus on when first looking at her. She seemed much tougher than him, probably superior at physical activities and fighting. Not that it was surprising, he had never been a very physically gifted individual to begin with. Even if he looked like a girl, he fought worse than one. But even with this very capable look about Ashling, she seemed very kind. Not as intimidating as her lone eye made her out to be. He wondered absentmindedly if people got hung up on that and refused to look past it. If only she knew he had an overabundance of eyes, he would gladly give her the third of his.

    Her blonde hair was long, maybe not as long as his would be if he let it down, but still a pretty length. It seemed to go well with her persona as a whole. They were pretty much opposites in every way. Eva was short and petite, Ashling seemed tall and fit. He thought it almost fitting that they should be roommates. Like little Ying and Yang bunkmates. Time would tell if they got along, but as long as Ashling wasn’t untidy or especially loud when he was trying to study, he saw no reason why they wouldn’t.

    “Uh, yes, your sheath...that’s what I meant,” he whispered, looking down at the ground again and silently cursing himself for calling it a ‘sword thingy’. The way Ashling had rested her fingers on it showed the familiarity that she had with the item. It was almost the way one becomes familiar with a part of their body. Did she take it everywhere? She did say that she sparred, was she expecting trouble around here? Eva certainly didn’t hope so. The only way he had to defend himself was by summoning creatures and he would rather not do that in public. In fact, should something ever come to such an extreme, he would probably hide and conjure whatever he needed. He brushed his hand against the bangs that hung just over his eyes. With the help of his hair and makeup, it would be almost impossible for anyone to tell it was there, but that didn’t make it any easier to hide when open.

    Ashling had made an offer that he hadn’t expected to come, she offered him to hold her sheath. Eva jumped up with excitement, a response that he didn’t even have control over. He simply jumped in place and shouted “Yes!” in a high pitch, almost giddy response. Realizing his outburst, he quickly covered his mouth with his hands and shrunk backwards a bit, his face flushing crimson red in embarrassment. “I-I uh mean, yes,” he talked through his hands. “I’ve never held one before, are you sure it’s okay?”
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