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1) The Fire Mouse Pokemon
2) Yes if you look in the coding you can find there were sprites
3) I'm gonna go with Yes, I had to check this one because I never read the manga
4) Another Guess, probably the climate of the seasons has no snow, that's my guess
5) Yes however you can only recruit the boss

Ok hopefully I got those right.
Now then Here are my questions.

1) Name the move which only these pokemon can learn: Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, Camerupt, Groudon and Torkoal.
2) What pokemon is on the tail of Slowbro and the Head of Slowking?
3) How many pokemon (not counting evolutions or temporary) has Ash caught in total?
4) What pokemon has never appeared in any form of the anime?
5) What is the only special type (prior to Gen IV changes) that isn't an eeveelution?

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