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but viruses are human too

It's all about how to receive the data. Your teacher can be the most brilliant person that's the best at describing facts in an understandable way, but if you don't listen, you won't be able to get that knowledge, because you're too busy not doing what's right for learning. The same here; if we're not going to take the meds correctly, even if we build shrinking machines for doctors to personally go split the bacteria in half, nothing will be a permanent solution (I don't know, maybe they get consciousness and run away from doctor-looking people) unless people know how to use it correctly.

Doctors need to be educated to the procedures and their reasons for those procedures (which happens already), and those same doctors need to be required to force those facts into patients who are taking antibiotics (which maybe not so much already). There's no other alternative, honestly, unless you sign a peace treaty with the bacteria or something.
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