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    -- Update 1 --

    First update in Johto, sorry for the delay. Caught 4 Pokemon and got the first three badges on my way.

    - Started new game - Slavic
    - Talked with Prof. Elm and received Totodile - Irwin
    - Arrived in Cherrygrove City
    - Talked with Mr. Pokemon and received the Pokemon Egg
    - Talked with Professor Oak and received the Pokedex
    - Challenged by Rival - Xerxes
    - Irwin destroyed Chikorita with Rage
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Returned to Prof. Elm and received Pokeballs
    - Talked to Mom and had her save money
    - Caught Spinarak - Aranea
    - Caught Ledyba - Red Ranger
    - Arrived in Violet City
    - Went through the Sprout Tower
    - Challenged Sage Li
    - Aranea took out both of Li’s Bellsprouts with Poison Sting
    - Red Ranger beat Li’s Hoothoot with Supersonic and Tackle
    - Defeated Sage Li and received HM05 - Flash
    - Arrived in the Violet City Gym
    - Challenged Falkner
    - Aranea took down Falkner’s Pidgey with Constrict and Poison Sting
    - Red Ranger aced Pidgeotto by confusing him with Supersonic, who then proceeded to hurt himself 5 times in a row
    - Defeated Falkner and received the Zephyr Badge

    - Went through Union Cave
    - Arrived in Azalea Town
    - Talked to Kurt
    - Cleared Team Rocket out of the Slowpoke Well
    - Entered the Azalea Town Gym
    - Challenged Bugsy
    - Aranea took out Metapod with Poison Sting and Kakuna with Constrict
    - Red Ranger weakened Scyther with Supersonic and Comet Punch
    - Aranea finished Scyther off with Poison Sting
    - Defeated Bugsy and received the Hive Badge

    - Challenged by Xerxes
    - Aranea knocked out Gastly with Night Shade
    - Red Ranger took out Zubat and Bayleef with Supersonic and Comet Punch
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Red Ranger evolved into Ledian after the battle
    - Entered Ilex Forest, chased Farfetch’d and received HM01 Cut
    - Used TM02 to teach Red Ranger Headbutt
    - Caught Pineco - Alkatraz
    - Left the Ilex Forest
    - Arrived in Goldenrod City
    - Entered the Bug Catching Competition
    - Caught Pinsir - Raider
    - Came in 2nd Place to a Butterfree
    - Entered the Goldenrod City Gym
    - Challenged Whitney after being beaten 5 times
    - Raider beat Clefairy with Vicegrip
    - Alkatraz took out Miltank with a Critical Selfdestruct
    - Defeated Whitney and received the Plain Badge

    ~-~ My Team ~-~


    -- End of Update 1 --