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Flowery Fields
Rules (Scroll down in the box and read all of them)

1. Follow all PokeCommunity Rules
2. I don't trade hacked Pokemon intentionally so don't trade me hacked Pokemon either. That means no Pokecheck Pokemon. Doing so intentionally will result in an automatic Blacklist. However, I will not be cloning the Pokemon up for Adoption.
3. If you find out one my Pokemon is hacked, notify me and I'll trade back your Pokemon for the hacked one.
4. I clone my Pokemon, so if that isn't acceptable to you, then this is not the trade thread for you.
That means I also accept cloned Pokemon, so long as they aren't hacked.
5. Don't PM or VM me without posting here at least once.
6. All my Pokemon are non redistributable unless otherwise mentioned. If I find out you traded my Pokemon to someone else intentionally, that's an automatic Blacklist.
7. All my FC's are in my signature. I will tell you which FC to add when we work out a trade (Usually it will be my Black Version).
8. Some of my foreign Pokemon are from my flashcart
9. Last but not least, if you don't read my wants before asking what I want to trade, I will ignore you.

Trainer Info

OT: Tabor | ID: 41529
FC: ---- ---- ----

OT: Tabor | ID: 62603
FC: ---- ---- ----

OT: Tabor | ID: 17334
FC: ---- ---- ----

OT: Tabor | ID: 33997
FC: 3225 1700 2403

OT: Tabor | ID: 49543
FC: ---- ---- ----

OT: Tabor | ID: 29834 (Original Save File No Longer Exists)
FC: ---- ---- ----

OT: Tabor | ID: 55609
FC: 3268 4243 8170

Black 2
OT: Tabor | ID: 51030
FC: 3912 5333 5787

White 2
OT: Tabor | ID: 24650
FC: ---- ---- ----

Events I don't have
Shiny Mew from the Japanese Faraway Island Event (must be able to prove it with a Legality Analysis)
RNGed DW Females with good natures straight from the DW


• Kabutopsian
• Mac
• Iloveeevee (for all the awesome CSS help)
• ~RNC~
• TwilightBlade
• twistedpuppy

• Agent1AndHisCrew (For being extremely pushy when trying to negotiate a trade with me and spamming the TC chat)
• lineofdeath (For not following through on two trades and ignoring a PM and two VMs)

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