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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
A Light type that was strong against Dark would add one weakness to pretty much all Dark-types in the game, it would make things way unbalanced since Pokémon like Tyranitar, Weavile and Krookodile, which already have tons of weaknesses, would gain one more and become harder to use effectively. There's no need to nerf the Dark-type, it's already tough to use effectively because 5th gen introduced many powerful Fighting-types as well as an ability which blocks Dark-type moves (Justified). Weakness against Fighting would make Fighting-types even more powerful than they are. It would break the game.
Well then, the solution to that is to introduce fewer Fighting-types in X and Y, or to include more powerful Dark-type Pokemon, perhaps with Psychic or Flying attacks (a Psychic/Dark-type would be awesome) to counter those Fighting types.

Anyway, if there are new types introduced, I'm betting they'd be the Light and Sound types. Mainly because of Xerneas and Yveltal, which seem like they'd match those types perfectly. I can totally see Xerneas being Light-type and Yveltal being Sound-type.

And it's not just Pokemon that could be Light or Sound-type... there are quite a few techniques that would be a perfect fit for those two types:
Light: Morning Sun, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Flash... New attacks could implement other bright light flashes, and also laser beams. What type would laser beams fit into otherwise, after all?
Sound: Supersonic, Sonicboom, Echoed Voice, Hyper Voice, Screech, Sing... Anything music-related would fall into this type... it just seems odd to make them Normal-type.

I think the Cosmic-type would not be necessary because it seems like a division of the Psychic-type. Especially given a connection between psychic powers and astrology... there's a reason why Cosmic Power is Psychic-type. Moon-related attacks could fall into either the Psychic or the Dark-type depending on their specific attributes. And besides, the Psychic-type is kind of underrepresented nowadays anyway, despite the number of Psychic-types that were introduced in Black/White.

Also, what needs to change regarding type effectiveness is A) something else Poison attacks should be super-effective against, and B) a difference between the strengths of Ghost and Dark attacks. They're both super-effective against Ghost and Psychic types and nothing else, therefore making it silly to have a Ghost-type with a Dark attack or vice-versa due to lack of STAB despite same type coverage, unless you're dealing with Meditite or Girafarig or the three Musketeers.

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