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RNG Breeding Requests

I am offering breeding requests for free, which means you can trade
me a junk Pokemon for whatever you requested. However, I do not
breed for specific egg moves as that would take ages to breed to
the right parents. Keep in mind that I reserve the right to reject
any request that I do not like or want to do. I will be only doing
three requests at once. If there are already three, please do not
make a request until at least one has been finished. If you want
to make a request, please fill out the form by scrolling down here.
In addition, everything bred will be cloned and put into my shop,
if you don't like that, please don't make a request.

Hatch Location:


Ratings are love ♥ except for bad ones

Requests are closed after this next one!

I need break to do and finish other things up, sorry >.<

User: Totodile42
Pokemon: Snorlax
Nickname: Lax
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Immunity
IVs: Can you get 31 IVs on all stats? If not, HP doesn't matter.
Shiny: Yes
Hatch Location:Village Bridge

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