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    The race has begun!

    And so are the Eevee family! At the first stretch, we see that Jolteon has a nice lead ahead of the other four, his usual tactic! But OH what's this?! Vaporeon uses it's Ice beam attack on the floor, as it slides across its way to first! What a maneuver! Meanwhile, Espeon and Umbreon are neck and neck, while Flareon surprisingly trails off in last place. Hm... I don't trust him. Oh look! Espeon with it's amazing jumping ability double flips over Umbreon, making it's way to 3rd, as it closes in on Vapreon and Jolteon! Jolteon with it's perseverance uses it's strong legs to try and push it's way to first, but Vaporeon won't give in so easily! Flareon meanwhile - huh?! What's this?! Flareon uses it's Fire Blast on Umbreon! The pain winces Umbreon, as it tumbles over, causing it to be in last place, as Flareon pushes on to 4th. I think we can all agree when I say, Flareon, you son of a *****.

    Meanwhile, in the middle stretch, Jolteon finally manages to catch up to Vaporeon, as they are now neck and neck for first. But here comes Espeon! Look how clever it is! It uses It's psybeam on the ground, launching itself up from the track, landing it comfortably within 1st place with it's Psychic. With Jolteon and Vaporeon fighting for second place now, Flareon sneakily uses it's quick attack when it saw it's chance, hitting the duo on it's side, making them stumble a bit, as Flareon pushes on to second. Damn him.

    In the last stretch, Flareon desperately tries to use it's ember on the young Espeon, but, it's efforts were soon in vain as the clever Espeon uses it's psychic attack to reflect it away from him.
    But the crafty Flareon isn't through yet - he powers his way towards Espeon, as it tries to tackle Espeon to try and secure his place on first. However, Espeon is quick - it leaped out of the way, and at the last instance, it secured it's placement in first place, as Flareon waltzes his way to second. Soon, Vaporeon and Jolteon close in. Its a neck and neck race as Vaporeon manages to at the last second powers his way to third, with Jolteon coming in forth. Soon Umbreon came along, feeling shaken up from Flareon's Fire Blast attack, but manages to have enough gas in the tank to finish in last place.

    In case you haven't gotten all of that:

    1st - 4 - Espeon's Jewel
    2nd - 3 - Flareon's Du Flame on You
    3rd - 1 - Vaporeon's Pearl
    4th - 2 - Jolteon's Spiky Comb
    5th - 5 - Umbreon's Moon

    The rewards:

    Those who guessed all 5:

    Those who guessed 4:

    Those who guessed 3:

    Those who guessed 2:

    Those who guessed 1:
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