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    Hmm, something interesting is happened with Caribou...

    Well, it's the end of an arc party. XD

    I don't get it, was the ash just covering Kinemon, or did Law somehow revive him with his powers?
    Seems like the Marines might know, maybe we'll see in the next chapter.

    I'm glad Kinemon and Momonosuke were reunited! :D

    I think Law likes messing with Chopper... >.>

    Law's face after Luffy starts the party is great! XD

    And to finish off the chapter, Laws plans to go after Kaido first!
    Looks like there's plenty more epic to come in One Piece. :D

    Originally Posted by jgalvan100
    I just realized Enel is based of Eminem. Seeing as how Eminem is one of my favorite artists, I am extremely disappointed in myself. ;_;
    I think that's just more of a coincidence, Galvan. XD