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    Hey guys, I joined the pokecommunity today to offer a pokemon fanfic idea that I've had for quite a while and have developed quite a bit myself. I used to write my own stories, and I would do this myself if I had an infinite amount of time in a day, but since that is not the case, I would like to "pass down" this idea of mine, so to speak, to someone who is interested. I'm someone who thinks of ideas/stories randomly and sticks with them for months at a time, always imagining out scenes and aspects to the story when I'm bored and have nothing to do. So, if any of you are active pokemon fanfic writers and have a passion for it, and would like to have an idea to give you quite the headstart, you just might have found what you are looking for.

    So let's get to it. What is this idea of mine? It is quite lengthy if I tell you all the details, but I will list the most important and interesting parts immediately.

    Remember the trailers for Pokemon Black2/White2, showing a more serious, badass, and dramatic side to Pokemon? One that is more truly to, I guess you could say, traditional mainstream Anime standards like Naruto, Bleach? Well, this story would embody that exact same feeling and energy (as it was inspired from the trailers).

    The story takes place as an alternative pace of events to Black2/White2, 2 years later after the events of Pokemon Black and White. There is a group of three that make up the major characters (two guys, one girl), and one main. Team Plasma has succeeded much more than one would think - they now are well in the process of controlling all Unova - that includes the pokemon, and the trainers. Their goal is the cliche rule Unova but in addition, to have every trainer and pokemon (even the wild) under their control, so that all Unova's future generations of pokemon and people will be under the Plasma Empire. This Team Plasma is more serious than the one presented in the games, and they've been so successful because - get this - they are working in conspiracy with the gym leaders!

    The Gym Leaders are bad guys in this story - each ruling over their city or town, carrying out the plans of Team Plasma in their area, conducting studies on how to effectively control wild pokemon, and inducing fear into their citizens.

    From here, I will list more things for the sake of trying to keep it short( I know I can ramble on)
    - Gym Leaders working with Plasma
    - Elite Four, and Champion in on it as well, the strongest trainers.
    - Select trainers from the past (Hugh, Cheren, Heartbreaker Charles, Alder, N) part of a small and relatively weak resistance organization, with their own stories of what's happened since Hero v. N (Zekrom v. Reshiram)
    - Gym Leaders from other regions included (Flannery, Jasmine, Brock!)
    - Infiltration and Mission-Style invasion/combat of Gyms instead of "walk in and fight"
    - Increase of physical strategy in fights than normal pokemon games/show
    - Some moves tweaked a bit to add greater, cooler effects
    - 17 Gym Leaders - One for each type, included, which must be defeated
    - Kyurem, Ghetsis all still there
    - Drama between and among characters, ie. main girl character is Grimsley's little sister.

    This will be like an undercover sort of effort to overthrow the growing effects and success of Team Plasma, the team sort of stumbling in on it at first and then gaining momentum and support along the way.

    The team: (names can be changed, up to you) and their pokemon:

    [note that they all start with one pokemon, and catch more pokemon and evolve them as they go on]

    1. Pierce
    - Arcanine (Ace) - lifetime companion
    - Lucario (Roy) - noble brawler
    - Sharpedo (Wrecker) - frenzied aggressor
    - Metagross (Nixon)- courageous protector
    - Gliscor (Raymond) - mischievous prankster
    - Braviary (Hunter) - confident warrior

    2. Jackson (Best Friend and Competitor at times)
    - Floatzel(Rich) - lifetime companion
    - Gallade (Ambius) - reliable soldier
    - Houndoom (Hellhound) - cocky fighter
    - Skarmory (Noblewing) - Sharp-minded one
    - Rampardos (Spike) - Vicious Ripper
    - Beartic (Zero) - fights to protect Jackson

    3. Rina (found along the way, rich girl who knows how to fight herself in ninja-like combat. Royalty and Bad-ass)
    - Roserade (Walter) - lifetime companion, like a butler to her, fulfills her every need. The only male on the team. Her trusty servant.
    - Lopunny (Valencia) - trusted pokemon when Walter's strength just isn't cutting it
    - Crobat (Shuriken) - High-energy pokemon, known to spin wildly while using steel wing, night slash, cross poison and the like to create a spinning shuriken effect, striking many enemies while hurling itself through the battlefield.
    - Weavile (Kunai) - Sneaky feline, known to use ice shards from its claws, and throwing them as projectiles.
    - Starmie (Lustra) - valuable jewel, psychic and water attacker.
    - Chandelure (Delura) - Vicious specialized attacker, will-o-wisping and phasing through walls and electronic devices to render them useless.

    I hope I haven't been too specific and haven't bored you all by now, but if anyone is interested in learning more, or has at the very least any further questions, please feel free to contact me via pm here or my email address [email protected]
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