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    Name: Meredith Hudson
    Age: Fifteen
    Trainer: Kanto Female
    Starter: Wartortle - Egg Move Brine

    Meredith is, by nature, a quiet girl, though she comes from a very loud, large and obnoxious family filled with three younger brothers. Filling the role as the oldest sibling, she’s learnt patience and maturity, preferring to complete tasks given to her by herself. She’s an avid reader and a lover of science and has always been interested in the world of Pokemon training but never given the chance until now. With a demanding family, Meredith has learnt to go without certain wishes, with Pokemon training being one of them.

    Meredith’s always had a close relationship with a few good friends at the local school. They however all had access to Pokemon from a young age and consequently Meredith found it difficult to connect with them on that level, her family owning no Pokemon at all or having any ties to the training world. Meredith’s main issue is that she has not had the experience many other young trainers may have been given in terms of interacting with Pokemon, training, looking after them etc. She has however read countless books on training (her main source of knowledge) and was able to go visit her friends’ Pokemon prior to the meeting with Professor Pine. She still continues to believe that this is not enough and is quite apprehensive about receiving her partner Pokemon. Meredith is however quite a thinker and it is this trait which led her mother to encourage her daughter to go for this opportunity, believing that she will do well, given her own space away from her family and friends.

    Roleplay Sample:
    An alarm clock rang at precisely 8:30am, the small Pidgey that stood guard atop the rosy red clock cooing loudly. Meredith Hudson had always hated the noise. She had already decided that if she ever came across a Pidgey on her journey, she would turn and run, pronto. Rolling over to reach for the snooze button, the young girl blinked a couple of times, getting her bearings before groaning and rolling back over, realising what day it was today. Sun shining, more Pidgey cooing outside, the perfect day for an appointment with a Professor.

    It was simply due to the fact that Meredith did not want to appear to be rude or be late for her meeting with the Professor that she’d heard so much about that she pulled herself out of bed and showered and dressed in a record time of fifteen minutes. Her mother had tentatively helped her the day before, packing the essentials in a satchel and pick up a couple of things they could afford to buy (new hat, sunscreen and insect repellent).

    It wasn’t long before goodbyes had been said to her teary mother, boisterous younger brothers and proud father and Meredith was out the door. The trip to the Pokemon Center wasn’t all that strenuous. In fact, it was only a block away. Even though she’d lived so close to the main hub of Pokemon activity in Viridian for most of her life, Meredith had never had reason to set foot in the center.

    She was amazed at how sterile everything seemed to be and yet at the same time it pulsed with activity from various trainers and their Pokemon settling in for the morning. A group of young boys were fussing over their various bug type Pokemon, common in this area, Meredith knew. Whilst she wasn’t afraid of bugs, she wasn’t overly fond of them either so she stayed clear of their path, making her way to the front desk.

    Behind it stood a recognisable figure, one of the many nurses of the Pokemon Center. The nurses who ran the centers throughout Kanto were well known and respected for their hard work and dedication. It wasn’t often that they were unable to help a young trainer out. Sitting on the desk as the nurse shuffled through papers was a small yellow Pokemon, its ears twitching as it scanned the main lobby, its eyes finally coming to rest on Meredith, who approached the nurse and her partner. She’d never seen a Pikachu in person but had heard shocking tales about wild Pikachu in Viridian Forest who zapped unsuspecting travellers, paralyzing them temporarily so they could steal what food they could.

    “Uh, hello there,” Meredith said cautiously, catching the nurses attention. The nurse instantly looked up, offering a smile to the girl who looked so out of place.

    “Hello! Welcome to the Viridian Center! Can I help you with something?” Her cherry voice was almost sickening but at least she was offering her help. Her Pikachu mimicked her cherry welcoming.

    Tightening her grip on her bag, Meredith smiled back. “I have a meeting with Professor Pine, my name’s Meredith Hudson.”

    “Ah of course! Just head down the hallway, take the first door on the left. She’s expecting all the new participants,” The nurse pointed towards the hallway to her left, which led to the recovery rooms and the laboratory.

    “Thank you!” Meredith quickly nodded her thanks as she turned and made her way to the meeting room.

    She passed one recovery room, where only a few Pokemon lay in enclosed beds, their vital statistics being constantly monitored. The first door on the left presented Meredith with a flurry of noise. Through the crack of the open door she could see papers lying everywhere on the floor, a flustered looking woman in a lab coat telling a sorry looking Pokemon she’d never seen before to sit down before he caused any more damage. The Pokémon’s ears dropped slightly, his eyes downcast as the Professor continued to tell him off, scooping up her dropped papers. Meredith cautiously then knocked on the door, opening it as both the Pokemon and the Professor looked up.

    “Oh, hello!” Professor Pine straightened up her lab coat and fixed her glasses, which currently sat on the end of her nose. “I hope you didn’t hear all that commotion this little guy caused.”

    Embarrassed that she had seen it all, Meredith blushed slightly, saying nothing.

    “You must be Miss Hudson, am I correct?” Professor Pine said, referring to a list on the desk.

    “Yes, I am. I hope I’m not late?” Meredith questioned, looking down at the Pokemon who was now staring at her with curiosity.

    “No, you are right on time! I was just giving this guy his final check over before you came. This, Meredith, is a Wartortle. He’s a Water type Pokemon, the evolution of-“

    “Squirtle,” Meredith finished off, kneeling down to the Wartortle’s level. He then became defensive, taking a couple of steps back, shielding himself protectively behind the Professor.

    “So you know your typical starters then?” The Professor questioned.

    Meredith smiled shyly, standing back up, not wanting to scare the Pokemon. “A little, I’ve never seen one in real life before.”

    “They are becoming increasingly rare in the wild,” Professor Pine replied. “I’ll just collect the items I’ve got for you.” She walked to the back of the room to retrieve the items she had set out.

    Meredith took this chance to take another look at the Wartortle, having no protector to hide behind this time. She knelt down again.

    “Hi, erm, Wartortle,” Meredith was unsure of what to say to the Pokemon. She tried to remember how her friends had talked to their Pokemon. “Just like a normal person,” she mumbled to herself before trying to appear more confident. “I’m Meredith.” Slowly, she held out her hand, as if asking the Pokemon to shake her hand, as a sign of good will.

    Wartortle’s sharp eyes snapped from Meredith to her hand and back again as he stood in front of her, as if frozen on the spot. He never reached out for her hand and as the Professor came back to the pair, Meredith stood back up once more, feeling slightly deflated. Actually, a lot deflated. She had just failed her first introduction with a Pokemon. Suddenly, doubts came flooding back. Had she studied enough? Was she even ready for this crazy proposal?

    The Professor had seen the look of doubt and terror countless times on a number of new trainers that was now on Meredith’s face and she held back a grin. She knew, once they got out on the road together, they would never look back. Even if both Meredith and Wartortle had doubts, this was what both of them needed.

    “I’ve got your trainer license, which will allow you to enter the Pokemon League if you wish to,” Professor Pine handed Meredith a small card, her details printed on it, the cringe worthy picture she’d sent to the Professor earlier in the week slapped on the front. “And here’s your Pokédex – remember to be careful with it, it’s not totally trainer proof!”
    Meredith received the classic red electronic device she’d heard so much about. Her mouth dropped. She’d never have imagined she’d be getting one of these amazing devices.

    “And finally, here is Wartortle’s Pokeball,” The shiny red and white sphere dropped into Meredith’s hand like it was made to fit. “Wartortle understands his purpose and what you two are going to do together. The trick is, you have to actually do it,” The Professor chuckled, her hands on her hips and she watched Meredith gape in awe of the items she’d received and the Pokemon that now stood at her feet.

    Not wanting to stand in this awkward silence for much longer, the Professor ushered the pair out. “Thank you so much for your help Meredith, take care of yourself and Wartortle now! I will be in touch and don’t forget to watch out for the other new trainers that are helping out as well!”

    Meredith couldn’t say much before she found herself ushered out, walking autonomously down the hallway, past the front desk, past the bug trainers and out the door, the little Wartortle following her every step. He knew he had to go with his new trainer – he needed her help as much as she needed his but he was scared, above everything.

    What if his new trainer was mean? Or what if she didn’t let him eat his favourite food – takeaway noodles? Or what if – this one scared him the most – what if she made him evolve? He shuddered at the thought.

    Meredith put her items carefully away in her bag before turning to see Wartortle shudder. She frowned, deciding she better do the talking, otherwise this would be a very long, quiet and boring trip.

    “Are you ok? Are you cold?” Meredith subconsciously wondered if Water type Pokemon had a preference for hot or cold water. Wartortle simply shook his head in reply, staring up at his new trainer.

    Meredith stared back, before she quickly said “Do you like hot pools?”

    Wartortle looked surprised at the questioned, before answering with “Wartortle!” as he nodded in reply, a smile forming on his face that would look almost creepy to most people but to Meredith, it looked like all the signs of a possible friendship with the turtle Pokemon.

    “Well that’s quite surprising, I was wondering whether or not Water types had a preference you see, so I thought I’d ask and-“ Meredith stopped herself short, unsure of what she was saying. She wasn’t the rambling type, usually. “Have you eaten lunch yet?” Meredith asked, smiling.

    In an instant, Wartortle’s eyes shone with admiration and he almost jumped up and down on the spot. Almost. He was a little too cool for that.

    “Why don’t you choose where we eat?” Meredith asked, not knowing that she’d hit the right chord with her new partner Pokemon. Pausing for a second, Wartortle decided that for the moment, he would put his thoughts about evolving and a mean trainer to one side. Wartortle instantly jogged on the spot before leading his trainer down the street towards the nearest takeaway bar.

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