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Ah! That reminds me. When Pokémon Gold/Silver introduced Dark-type and Steel-type, there wern't many Pokémon that actually got these new types in Generation II. There were no old moves that became Steel-type, as every Steel-type move was completely new to Generation II, but the only Generation I Pokémon that adapted the Steel-type were Magnemite and Magneton. As for the Dark-type, it had no old Generation I Pokémon that got that new type, only the move Bite changed from Normal-type to Dark-type. And the only Generation II Pokémon that actually got the Dark-type were Umbreon, Murkrow, Sneasel, Houndour, Houndoom and Tyranitar. As for Steel-types for Johto Pokémon, they were Steelix, Skarmory, Forretress and Scizor. As for moves in Generation II, the only Steel-type ones were Iron Tail, Metal Claw and Steel Wing. While Dark-type moves exclusive to Generation II and onwards were Beat Up, Crunch, Faint Attack, Pursuit and Theif. Not too many, were there? As of today, the only types that Dark-type is actually weak against is Fighting and Bug, which is only two types that it's weak against, compared to other types where they have a few more weaknesses than just 2. And because of the many Dark-type Pokémon and moves that were introduced in later generations has kind of gave Dark-type Pokémon more advantage over other types, it's made Dark-type the #1 type of Pokémon to use in battle. Steel-type has three weaknesses, where as Dark-type only has two, and it's been that way since Generation II.

If there was ever a Light-type introduced, I would actually be expecting as few as 4 new moves. While older moves that use Light... I'm thinking After You, Feint, Flash, Focus Energy, Follow Me, Heal Bell, Morning Sun, Moonlight, Swift, Helping Hand, Sweet Kiss and Wish should be the moves that would be older moves that would close enough to be Light-type, I'm thinking about how most Light-type attacks would be about helping, lowering stats with bright light and healing HP as well as status ailments, and if there was to be a Light-type... then there should only be two Light-type attacks that would do damage, with Swift being an old one and a new one that only some Legendary would have. It would be fair to change a Normal-type attack into the new type if a new type was introduced, seeing as it happened with Generation II. Also, if Solarbeam was changed into a Light-type, it would no longer be Super-Effective against Water-types, Ground-types or even Rock-types.
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