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Since I finally was able to reach some Bug-types within Unova, I can actually update it. So here's my team! Not much to say, I beat the Bug gym with Bugs. Mine are superior.

-Entered Pinwheel Forest
-Caught Venipede
-Named it Arcane; after the are you find Scolipede in PokePark 2
-Caught Sewaddle
-Named it Stela; for no real reason
-Grinded a while
-Arcane evolved into Whirlipede
-Stela evolved into Swadloon
-Got back the Dragon Skull
-Traveled to Castelia City
-Helped out Burgh
-Stela evolved into Leavanny
-Beat the Trainers in Battle Company
-VS Leader Burgh
--VS Whirlipede: Rollout(x5) w/ Arcane
--VS Dwebble: Razor Leaf(x2) w/ Stela
--VS Leavanny: Bug Bite(x2) w/ Stela
-Obtained Insect Badge


Arcane [WHIRLIPEDE] Lv27 (F)
Serious Nature @Quick Claw
-Bug Bite
-Poison Tail
-Rock Smash

Stela [LEAVANNY] Lv27 (F)
Bashful Nature @Scope Lens
-Bug Bite
-Razor Leaf