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    I'd like it if there were no legendaries pre-credits. It's always been a bit of a bother to me that you can capture these supposedly "legendary" Pokemon before even proving yourself by becoming the Champion.

    I'd love to see more challenges involving them, also. Not simply traversing a mountain or cave, but having to gather specific items, or completing puzzles. They're legendary for a reason, they shouldn't just be there waiting for you.

    And, please, no more Legendaries on routes Absolutely ruined the Musketeer Trio for me.

    As for the challenge? I'd like to see special battles where certain tactics and maneuvers don't work or are harder to pull off (For example, the use of Spore/Hypnosis only works 50% of the time). I'd also like it if Legendaries could knock back weak PokeBalls (Like when you try to capture a Trainer's Pokemon) and a message would pop up saying: "You can't capture it with that weak thing!"

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