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NOTE: I've just added a poll to the thread so everybody is free to indicate if they want to get involved or not. If there aren't enough interested voters then this Community Hack idea isn't going to go anywhere because it won't have demonstrated a strong enough initial backing.

Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
I think you can't answer one question without at least considering the other.

Do we want to remake an official game?
Do we want a completely original story?
Do we want to use an official region?
Do we want to create a new region?
Do we want to add fakemon?
Do we want to have cameos from the series?
Do we want to have a custom pokedex?
Do we want to only use the national dex?
Which game do we want to hack?
But we can't answer any of those if we don't at least have something resembling a community team/ group of leaders who can collaborate and decisively make rulings on these questions. In my mind right now there are three stages to making a hack with such a large and open team prior to doing any actual hacking work:
  • Gather people who want to participate or are at least thinking about it
  • Assign the leadership positions based on volunteers
  • Collectively make decisions on what you've written and other starting ideas
This is just how I've been thinking about everything. While its pretty different to how a normal team forms since the leader has everything sorted out, in this case the members are ones who will be making/ contributing to a lot of decisions rather than the leader laying out their desires. In my mind it wouldn't be right to make these calls before we even have a team since they are in effect the most basic and important decisions to make during the project.

Of course I'm not saying that my idea is perfect or that people agree with it, but its how I personally believe it should begin :D

Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
I don't feel like there should be some prerequisites to join the group. Simply if you submit something for the hack and it's not good, it won't be used. That's why we need a person, or group of people, who are in charge of final decisions about what is included.

Seeing as this is a community hack, it should be left to the mods or some person/people as voted by our peers.
I agree wholeheartedly with this though :P

People interested in scripting or mapping etc could sign up, be given a job and if it isn't satisfactory then it isn't used - As simple as that. I'm still heavily in favour as using this as a chance to connect newer members with veterans so cutting off new people entirely would kinda destroy that hope as well.

Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
Last night I had an idea for getting this out there more. You know how there are all of the subcategories of Emulation, such as Rom Hacking, tutorials, etc? Would it be possible to adf a community hack section? We could then link to it like the tutorials are linked to at the top of Rom Hacking.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, I don't know if anyone would go for changing the layout of PC just for one project.
Any new forums/ sub-forums have to submitted to the higher staff so gira and I wouldn't have any control over this. Unless this somehow becomes a colossal forum-wide thing with dozens upon dozens of members begging to join and a guarantee that something would come out at the end of it all I doubt they would do this considering how many forums we already have (but I might be miscalculating their views and intentions entirely :P)