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Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
I don't feel like there should be some prerequisites to join the group. Simply if you submit something for the hack and it's not good, it won't be used. That's why we need a person, or group of people, who are in charge of final decisions about what is included.

Seeing as this is a community hack, it should be left to the mods or some person/people as voted by our peers.

I personally don't feel like it deserves it's own sub-section. A thread, or maybe even two (one for ideas and one for actual submissions), would more than suffice.
Well, I'm not saying it needs a new section, just that a good number of people will either ignore or not see this thread due to its location. For instance, except for a few people at the beginning, it's been the exact same people posting. Then again, maybe they'll vote and not post, and that's fine, too.

And I agree about the submissions, which is why I think we should put a few people together to form a Submissions Committee.
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