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    ppl should stop saying kanto had too many remakes. it didn't.
    had one, period.
    nobody ever considered g/s a kanto remake so hg/ss are kanto remakes just as much as the original games were.
    if you guys want to make a point at least find a valid one.

    but still, I agree that IF gf decides to bring more remakes to the table, r/s should be first.

    now, for the "conflicting" story all they would have to do if they absolutely felt the need to go with emerald because of rayquaza, is something as simple as "red" emerald & "blue" emerald, make you side with one of the factions as r/s did, then some kinda bs as the "good ones" being forced to summon their own legend (you could either catch it to aid them or they summoned it themselves and you catch it later) as a last resort/desperate measure, things going wrong and rayquaza saving the day. you then proceed to finish the game as usual, rayquaza being obtainable pre-e4, or as post-game content.

    while this probably isn't a flawless idea, it's a good enough base to explore and i just thought of it as i was writing this so i'm pretty confident that a team of professionals can sit down and come up with something 100 times better.

    sry if this is off-topic but it's just too irritating to keep reading posts saying:
    a- remakes aren't possible because of emerald
    b- gf will have to release ONLY ONE title because it has to be emerald
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