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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Human Nature / The Family of Blood (the one where they're hiding in the early 20th century at a school) was a good two-parter. I can't remember if this is one of the better episodes that Martha's in, but it's one of the better parts of the season on the whole. (Blink is, of course, my favorite from this season, but it's the one that features one-off characters.) I thought the whole season got better and better with each episode.
See I remember those being great stories, but Martha just didn't seem to fit them. It could just be that I'm remembering them wrong, but didn't Martha seem a little out of place with the series? I think it was the deep love/obsession she had for the Doctor and without it being reciprocated like it was with Rose, it just made her seem like a filler character until Rose returned - especially with how often the Doctor spoke about Rose to Martha. I guess that's not really her fault though, it's hard to top something like the bond between the Doctor and Rose without him instantly moving on from her and leaving that whole story as fickle :p
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