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Originally Posted by outfox View Post
So I only make recordings when I'm home alone, and jumped at the chance to record a cover of Skinny Love by Bon Iver when the house was clear. A few notes before listening: Listen at a low volume, please, my piano is ungodly loud which frustrates the hell out of me, and my voice gets insanely loud at a couple of points. At about 3:45 things get quieter and it's easier to hear my voice. Of course, that's pretty much the end. Click to Listen. Here are the lyrics to help with clarity:
You... I can't... Wow. Your voice is honestly beautiful. I won't lie, I loaded the link expecting to hear some average karaoke recording or something, but then... just wow. I was honestly stunned. Your voice is utterly amazing, I want to hear so much more from you. Literally the only criticism I can think of is the recording quality. The song you chose suits your voice perfectly, you sung it incredibly well and your piano skills are nothing to be laughed at either. My only suggestion is please get better recording equipment so we can hear you more clearly! I even had to link this to my friends to show them lmao. I'll be contacting you soon about potential work we could do together if that's okay with you! :D

Added to the featured list btw!

Originally Posted by Darkroman View Post
Some of the mixes:
Pokemon HG/SS Champion Battle (Enhanced)

Pokemon B/W Team Plasma Battle (Enhanced)

Pokemon Johto Gym Leader Battle (Enhanced)

Pokemon Black/White Celestial Tower (Enhanced)

Pokemon Lavender Town (Spooky Enhanced)

RBY Route 3/4/22 Theme using Black/White soundfont (Arrangement)
Honestly I have the same comment for every single one of the videos you posted (other than the Lavender one because I'm too afraid to listen to that :D); they sound soo much better than the originals. You've brought them up to the quality of being individual songs and that's an impressive feat for something like the background music of a route in Pokémon paha. What I would like to see though is something original from you - the way you've created these pieces has made them sound spectacular so I'm really interested to see what you can do when creating an original piece. If that's not your style or doesn't appeal to you then so be it, but I think it'd definitely be worth trying if you haven't already. Also I'm curious, what did you use to make these? I didn't recognise some of the effects :3