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    Leon prepared his Pokemon and summoned out his newest ally. "Pups, the stage is all yours!" Leon shouted as he summoned out the Lilipup. Snivy and Lilipup now stood side by side ready to battle the goons. As they were readying to attack, another trainer pulled up and said "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?!" Leon could only facepalm. "That was so cliche, dude." As soon as the trainer said that one of the trainers that was in the background went after him. Leon was preparing to send his Pokemon to guard the trainer, but then the trainer summoned forth a Patrat. "Really? Is that all he has to battle with?" Leon facepalmed again. "Pups, let's battle together, Konoha go play back up to the Patrat trainer." Just as Leon said that, two of the goons summoned out Purrloin and a Lilipup of their own. The other trainer sent out a Patrat against the friendly/strange Patrat trainer. "This is sticky indeed, but at least we have three on three." Leon thought to himself. However, before he could go on, two more goons summoned more Patrats too battle with. It was now three on five. Leon swiftly turned around. "Grey I'm going to need your help. Patrat trainer, put something special on your Patrat so we don't get confused if it's an enemy or not." Leon ordered out the commands and waited for his allies to respond.

    "First move gets first advantage, Konoha Vine Whip on the new Patrats that were summoned!" Leon had struck the first blow.
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