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Good news!!! After about a 3 month drought since last November when I caught Skarmory, this morning I finally found my first shiny of 2013!


Gender - Male
Nature - Mild; Highly curious
HP - 19
Attack - 10
Defense - 9
Sp Attack - 12
Sp Defense - 11
Speed - 10

It appeared after just 305 SRs on Heart Gold. Wasn't expecting this AT ALL, I just started this hunt yesterday! To be honest I was really hoping for Totodile, but I didn't have shiny Chiko yet so I'm not too disappointed. I was just watching tv and hunting by ear while I mashed the A button so I could reset quickly without missing anything in the game. I started a new reset and didn't see it right away, but when I looked down a shiny Chiko was looking back at me! He's a male, and I nicknamed him Diplo.

So happy I have a new shiny, pics coming soon! I now have an excuse to buy another SS or HG because now I want shiny Totodile more than ever. Now I'll move on to Piplup in Platinum, hopefully my luck continues! Good luck to everyone!!!


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