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    Chapter 5: Awaken Enceroso!

    “Die!” Maximus yelled screeching at the top of his lungs.

    “Sorry but I plan on staying a little longer!” Zane replied. The burned man bolted straight for the young boy with an incredible burst of speed and wildly swung his fist. Zane tightened his fist and covered his face blocking Maximus’s bone crushing punches.

    “You’re going to pay for what you did to my face!” The psychopath screeched.

    “Well if you ask me, I made you look even better.” The fire wielding child taunted. The boy jumped back, away from the psychopath that he once knew.

    “You can’t run from me, I am your Judgment!” Maximus screeched.

    “Who told you I was running? It’s time to end this here and now!” Zane replied in an excited manner. The young spirited boy tightened his bronze brown fist covered in bruises and blazing, orange flames covering his entire left and right arms.

    “The same trick won’t work twice, but I on the other hand have far more tricks up my sleeve!” The man growled. Maximus charged straight for Zane with an evil smirk on his face.

    “Oh yeah, I’m going to end thi….”

    In the Blink of an eye before Zane could finish his sentence, the deranged man appeared behind him faster than the speed of light. “How did you?” The boy asked in surprise, fear showing in his voice.

    “You’re even dumber than I give you credit for kid.” Maximus said in a low emotionless whisper. Before the child could react, the mad man struck his golden blade through the boy’s chest. Pain erupted in Zane’s entire abdomen as a pool of his own rich, thick O positive blood stained the gymnasium floor and his red long sleeved shirt. Zane looked down shaking uncontrollably and saw the golden blade skewing his chest.

    “Ah!” he yelled in spine busting pain. As the boy’s body clasped to the ground Maximus landed on his feet holding his golden blade Hirosanshi.

    Tears filled in Zane’s eyes as he laid in the middle of the battle field unable to move. A loud laughter screeched out of the psychopath’s mouth as he stared at his helpless ex-student. “Get up boy, I’m not done yet; I haven’t had enough of that rare blood of yours!” he shrieked.

    It looks like this is it; I don’t have a chance now if I can’t get up, it’s all over.” Zane thought.

    “I said you’re not done yet! Get up!” Maximus yelled madness filling his voice. The psychotic man jumped on top of the boy and began to violently punch him in the face. The thumping sound of Maximus’s fist slamming against Zane’s face filled the air as the man’s hands became covered in the boy’s thick blood.

    Everything began to fade into darkness, sound began to drain from Zane’s ears, and his body began to go numb. His breathing began to slow as well as his heart beat.

    “I guess this really is it, this isn’t fair; why me, why did I have to die? Why did my parents leave me with this maniac? Why was I treated so unfairly?” he thought. The boy closed his eyes being completely consumed by the darkness not wanting Maximus’s face to be the last thing he saw. He took one final breath and prepared for the afterlife.

    “Do you…….. Want my power?” Something asked in a soft low whisper.

    “Get up boy, awaken from your slumber.” it said.

    Zane opened his eyes to revile that he was no longer in the room with Maximus. He was on an island, the temperature was blazing hot, the moist air filled his lungs, and as he moved through the soft light brown sand he noticed a giant dark brown volcano. “Where am I? Did I……….die?” he wondered.

    “Come.” The soft nurturing voice called. Without a second thought the boy bolted up the island jumping over bushes and under tree branches. He didn’t know how he knew to run up the island, but he felt as if he been there before. The island was full of lively tropical trees but yet there were no animals, probably from the hot climate.

    “Come.” It called once more.

    “Hold your horses; there is only a certain amount of time a person can run up an active volcano!” The boy yelled. After 10 minutes of non-stop running he reached the top of the ticking time bomb. He looked at the edge of the volcano but no one was there.

    Zane didn’t know how he knew to come to the volcano he felt like he was there before, maybe it was just his imagination. “Do you want my power? Answer me child.” The soft voice said.

    “Where are you? Who are you?” the boy yelled.

    “I am…. above you.” The voice replied. Zane looked up and saw a strange figure forming in the sky.

    “What is that?” he yelled in amazement trying not to fall off the edge. The figure covered in flames slowly landed on the opposite side of the volcano. The roaring orange flames dispersed into thin air off of the figure’s body reveling its bright feathers made completely out of red flames, its calm black eyes gazed at Zane with curiosity, it was as tall as a tank if not bigger, the figure flapped it’s giant wings reveling that is was two times wider. Zane stared at its golden beak and then it’s giant black talons big enough to slice him in half at any second.

    “Come, boy.” It called again.

    “No way, it’s a…Phoenix, do those things even exist?” Zane wondered. The curious child darted across the edge of the volcano, sprinting towards the flaming creature. The young boy stopped running and stood beside the giant animal, which looked even bigger close up.

    “Do you need my power?” It asked.

    “What are you?” Zane asked.

    “Do you need my power? Answer me child.” he overgrown bird asked again in a soft growl.

    “What happens if I say no?” he asked.

    “Then you will die from both the lava in this world, and Maximus in yours,” replied the beast. Zane bit his lip in frustration, he forgotten about Maximus. “This shall be our contract in order for me to give you my power you must give me your trust and a part of your soul….. I shall become a part of you and we will merge as one.”

    “I need you if I’m going to defeat Maximus, what do I have to do?” Zane asked determined to do whatever it takes.

    “Give me your arm.” the phoenix answered. Zane pulled up the sleeve of his right arm and held it out towards the beast of fire with a look of suspicion.

    “Zane Kilogame this shall be our contract, in order for us to become one,” The Phoenix screeched. “Take my power!” The blazing bird stretched its wings, like magic an orange aura covered Zane’s body while a red aura covered the Phoenix’s.

    “What’s happening?!” Zane yelped in surprise. The boy’s eyes began to glow a bright neon red as the red aura transferred into his body and the orange aura flowed slowly into the beast.

    “Awaken boy, and use you new strength! Here my name as you as you fight in battle.” The beast roared. The giant Phoenix flapped its flaming red wings making Zane trip backwards.

    Booooooommmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Zane fell backwards into the active volcano thinking about what he had just done. “Did I just…… make a deal Phoenix?” he said dumbfounded.

    Zane plummeted into the lava which surprisingly wasn’t as hot as he thought it would be, the lava was warm against his bronze brown skin. The child closed his eyes one more time once again engulfed by the looming darkness. “This time I’m going to defeat Maximus.” Zane thought.

    The boy felt something wrap around his neck and as he once again opened his eyes he saw his former psychotic teacher leaning over him, his facial expression as crazed as the last time. “Oh so you decided not to die, what a shame.” The man said in an emotionless tone.

    “Get off of me.” The boy said slowly in a calm shaky voice.

    “Shut up!” Maximus yelled. The psychotic man clutched harder on the boys throat with a dark smile on his face.

    “I said; get off of me you jerk!” Zane yelled. The fire wielding child grabbed Maximus’s hand with a strong grip and flung him away. Zane jumped on to his feet and jolted for the air born maniac.

    “Where did you get this sudden surge of power boy?” The man yelled. Zane jumped behind Maximus with an amazing burst of speed and swung his right leg with brutal force strong enough to demolish a building.

    “I guess you can say I have a few more tricks as well!” the fire wielding child yelled. The psychotic man turned around dodging Zane’s kick and began to ferociously swing his golden sword. The two were in completely in sync as if they were dancing, throwing punches and kicks one after the other.

    “Now Zane, we are one; hear my name, call me forth.” The beast said from inside of Zane’s mind.

    “What do I have to do?” the boy asked. Zane jumped back away from his former teacher that lost his sanity and as soon as he was a safe distance away he closed his eyes.

    “Are you kidding me this isn’t a time to take a nap!!!!?” Maximus yelled in an aggravated tone.

    “Focus Zane hear my name being whispered in the breeze, call me and then your contract weapon shall appear, as long as we are one it shall never fully break.” The beast growled. The young boy took a deep breath and listened closely and as he did a soft whisper reached his ears. Blazing red-orange flames covered the child’s entire body as he reached out his hand.

    “Now………… scorch Enceroso (Flaming Sky King)! Queen’s Talon!” the boy yelled at the top of his lungs. The fire manipulating boy opened his eyes and the blazing red-orange flames circled his right hand, Zane pulled out a long shiny black blade with a red checkered grip.

    “Now things are starting to get interesting!” Maximus said. The teleporting lunatic burst straight for the powerful young fire wielding boy swinging his golden blade multiple times.

    Clank, Clunk, Clank! The sound of clashing metal filled the air as the two sword users slammed their weapons into each other. “Take this you psychopath!” Zane yelled.

    The boy flipped over the insane man and swung his jet black blade with massive force. The clash of metal filled the tense air as the two swords slammed against each other with brutal force. Zane twisted his body, quickly kicking Maximus in the face. “Lucky shot kid!” The man yelled as he jumped back spitting out blood.

    “You call it luck I call it determination, you might not be use to big words like that thou!” Zane tormented.

    “Why you little brat! How dare you speak to me in that way?!” The man yelled in an aggravated tone.

    In the blink of an eye the maniac disappeared into thin air leaving nothing but his solid shrieks of laughter in the air. “I’m going to kill you!” he yelled.

    Zane stood in the middle of the floor in a board manner as he waited for Maximus’s next move. Just as suspected the mad man appeared behind him at the speed of light and swung down his golden blade. “This time I will not miss!” Maximus yelled.

    The boy bounced out of the way and tightened his grip on his ink black sword. Maximus spun around and charged straight for Zane. Without a second to think the boy twisted his body completely around and swung his dark blade. Clink, clank, the two weapons smashed into each other with massive force and the two weapon wielders pushed back and forth with devastating blows. “Now Zane combine your flames with the sword.” The beast called.

    “Ok here goes nothing.” Zane thought. The boy flipped backwards and burst high into the air. Suddenly blazing orange flames began to cover the tip of Zane’s black sword as he held it close to his face.

    “Now Enceroso blend you powers with mine.” The boy whispered.

    “You’re not going to be the victor here! I am the king boy!” Maximus screeched. The psychopath hurtled towards the young sword wielding child and pulled back his fist ready to strike.

    “Here I go!!! Enceroso Tinigori (Flaming Crescent Talon )!” Zane yelled at the top of his lungs. With every ounce of strength he had left Zane swung his sword, as he did he sent out a massive amount of flames in the shape of a crescent towards the mad man.

    “Impossible you shouldn’t have this much strength left!” The psychopath yelled at the top of his lungs.

    Boom!!!!!! The giant crescent shaped flames sliced the man vertically in half and exploded creating a giant cloud of dark smoke. Thump!!! Zane crashed into hard wood floor making and ‘oof’ sound as he did and tried to pull himself up but his body was too weak. As the thick black smoke began to clear, Zane peered into the darkness to see if Maximus was still breathing and to his horror he saw a figure standing up, hunched over the ground his left arm hanging.

    “You win this round kid, but I’ll be back one day.” Maximus groaned. Instead of blood, neon purple powder oozed from the man’s wounds and as he clasped his entire body exploded and turned into neon powder. The purple glowing dust picked up in the wind and gently flowed out of the window.

    The boy took a sigh of relief and sat back trying desperately to catch his breath. “Yes, we did it Enceroso I killed, no we killed Maximus.” He though overjoyed.

    “No Zane did you hear his last words ‘I’ll be back’ there will be stronger opponents in the future and that is the reason you will get stronger. Until that day the past was nothing but that ‘past’.” The beast lectured.

    “Are you going to talk like that the whole time? But you’re right as of now the Zane Kilogame isn’t the same little kid who was scared to speak up for himself.” The boy said.
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