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    I have seen a few projects similar to my project and I try to not be negative. I have played with Jext on Pokengine and try to offer my own opinions. Features that are received well with my users I send him the suggestion of using them in his engine. He hasn't played my game but he knows I am working on it and has given me positive comments about the development process.

    I think people who are negative of others projects are usually intimidated by the other user's project. If you have confidence in what you are doing then others shouldn't be a threat. If you keep a positive attitude and get your ideas out there then you will probably retain credit for your suggestion.

    I understand the negative attitude, people are paranoid that others will steal your ideas or project. Everyone wants to be the topic poster who has 1000000 views and 10000 posts. But good games are usually not just one person working on the project it is usually a team of people working together and no one person takes all the glory. Making video games takes a team. There is no way around that. If you have good opinions and can contribute then you can get on the credits of the project and that should be enough. Because if you think you will waltz in and become the Member of the year because of your RPG maker project then you need to mature a little.

    I agree that new members are treated a little different in the community. I have been programming for 10 years but just recently created an account. I do tend to get the cold shoulder where I go. Not blaming anyone because i can see the forum being flooded with spam if everyone is allowed to do whatever they want. And number of posts and age of account are the only numbers to go by.

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