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    My First Nuzlocke ever.

    Game: Emerald


    Battle Style: switch
    Fainted pokemon are dead and must be released
    A white out is a game over
    Catch only the first pokemon in the area
    You must nickname all your pokemon
    Challenege begins when pokeballs are recieved
    Dupes rule is off


    Started the adventure with Hollow Log the Mudkip who has been easily my most trusted member helping me defeat Roxanne. So far not one pokemon I have caught is capable of learning cut so I have simply ignored it as well as all that route 116 experience. If it gets to the point where I can't advance the story and still haven't found anything that can learn cut exceptions can be made, right? Arrived in Dewford Town and am about to go through Granite Cave before challenging the Dewford Gym.

    Current Team:

    Hollow Log the Mudkip L: 15
    Trivium the Whismur L: 6
    A.Dementia the Marill L: 11
    Rusty Scar the Cascoon L: 9
    Diamanda the Poochyena L: 9


    Syncopy the Cascoon L: 7 (Caught two early wurmples and kept my fingers crossed they would turn into beautifly and dustox respectively)
    Quartz the Poochyena L: 6


    Cacophony the Whismur L: 9 (Uproar is a very risky move for this type of challenge despite its pretty fair base power and stab. Lost to the rivals surprisingly formidable Wingull.)