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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
You guys are underestimating North Korea's power here. What if they actually succeed in sending their missiles to the U.S. (probably somewhere on the west coast) and proven themselves to be worthy adversaries? The guys from Deadliest Warrior are aware of North Korea's power, and their data showed that their military is about the same ranks as the U.S. military based on the weapons the use and how many kills they could make.
If they shot a nuke our way we could blow them to smithereens a hundred times. I really doubt they would actually do it, Im not sure they're crazy enough to try. They do this often it seems to try to scare people. "Look how big and scary we are we have nukes so dont piss us off" is what they're saying. You shouldnt believe everything TV shows tell you...

I really hope we don't get drawn into a war with North Korea. The last thing we need is another war.
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