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Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
I saw what I did. Haha. Could you review it again?

@Charizard Sorry bout that bro
Mmmnope. There's still something you didn't quite catch. I'll give you once more chance to read through the SU sheet in the first post more properly and maybe read mine and Breezy.'s SUs as well to try and spot it? And then I'll only accept you if you promise to not rush your posts and read carefully ;D Because everything else was nice!

Sorry for being so picky, but this was kind of one of the points of having a pretty skinny SU sheet (without history or appearance, I mean) and focus on the RP sample when picking players; to see how a potential player writes and how many liberties they take when following post instructions.

Liberties are good! Contradictions of facts are not ;p

Originally Posted by Charizard_Man View Post
Don't even trip bro hah, I'll reserve Johto Male and Croconaw since they were my second choice anyways.
Reserved! I do prefer Totodile and Feraligatr over the middle evo, personally :3 But I hope I'll get to read some nice Croconaw stories from you then and perhaps I'll grow to like it more~

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