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If you have donated, why did you do so ?
I did it, not for the perks, but because I like the community, the members, and I'd like to see the site go on.
Where do you feel your money goes ?
I believe, with a high degree of certainty, that it goes towards maintaining the site, costs, upgrades, etc etc.
Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
Why is there a tier system ?IF I did donate money to the forum, I would like it go towards the general maintenance of the forum and ensure that the server is up at all times.
That's what the donations go towards, and nothing else. The tier system is used to give features to those that donate. The more they donate, the better the features you get.
Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
What I don't understand however is why there is a tier system in the supporters. I mean surely if I gave £100 of my hard money through a donation, that would make me a better supporter than someone who has continually supported the growth and development of the forum itself with smaller donations ?
In that example, £100 may be nothing to me and I could be a very wealthy person, but the person who has worked really hard doing scripting,admin/mod work and been consistent with putting high quality work/effort to the forum should not be given equal recognition ?
They're considered equal, but the people that do the scripting are doing it on their own terms, and mods get most of the benefits that supporters get, like the extra PM space, blog access, VIP forum access, and the style boards, although some of the perks are exclusive to VIP members.
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