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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post

    Move Mr Glasses (the info guy) one tile to the right.

    Put another plant in front of where Glasses was previously.

    Move the whole counter assembly (both of them) up by one tile, reducing the amount of space behind the counters to 2x7.

    Include the plants and events in that move, and alter the shadows accordingly.

    Move the divider wall back (up) one tile, so that the bottom of the wall tiles match up with the couch to its right.

    Move the left bookcase 1 tile to the right and put a plant to the left of it.

    Place another set of flowers on the tile directly to the left of the existing ones.

    Get rid of the whole bottom row of tiles, and move the door mat and event accordingly. Don't forget to edit the outside door event to place the player correctly as well.

    And that should make it perfect.

    Aside from the still somewhat bothersome transition.
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