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→ Route 30

Rattata and Krissu ran around the tree and tried to catch the Weedle's attention. Rattata was no climber, so the most he could do was squeak up at the bug. Eventually, Weedle left Caterpie alone and crept over to a branch on another tree. But then, before Rattata could react, it became apparent that this bug was a swift one. All of a sudden, Rattata's body was glued to the ground by some sticky, white thread.

"Ah, String Shot..." Krissu groaned as she crouched down and tried to get it off her pokémon. She threw glances up at the tree to not lose the worm out of her sight. But the string shot was too sticky for her to be able to free Rattata. She got an idea though, and took forth his pokéball. Calling him back turned him into energy but left the String Shot in a pile on the ground. Cool!

"Better take another one to fight you with up there," she muttered though, noticing that Weedle in the berry tree was still watching her under the leaves. It didn't go away; that might either be a sign of it being a brave or dumb pokémon. Or maybe it was just its programming that wouldn't let it run away just like that. Krissu wasn't sure of how much she should think of MAO as a game anymore. Even Mr Pokémon had looked like a real person to her.

"Here it is!" his voice suddenly came from behind Ange, startling the girls. The man jumped off the porch with a surprisingly agile move, waving a bottle of REPEL in his hand.

"No, wait!" Krissu exclaimed. "I'll capture it, don't make it run away!"

"Hm, why would you want a pokémon like that? There are much more interesting species in the world than a bug..." the man muttered but lowered the bottle and stayed by Ange's side.

Krissu turned back to the tree, only to see that the Weedle was gone at last. Damn! She would have wanted a Beedrill on her team. Mostly because it felt like a pokémon that could become serious and a good fighter; qualities she would need if she was going to keep being brave and avenge Malcolm...

Shaking away those thoughts, the pink haired girl put down her bag and reached into a pocket on her white coat, taking forth her very first pokéball. It still felt strangely heavy in her hand. "Litwick!" she called out, and the ghostly fire type appeared with a naive smile.

"Can you help me locate Weedle in that tree?" she asked him and pointed. Litwick nodded without question, soared up in its spooky ghost way and peeked in through the leaves... and within a few seconds, another String Shot barely missed the light on its head. It would probably just have burned up anyways. Weedle crept out onto a branch above Krissu's head.

"There! Use Ember, Litwick!" she called out, not letting go of the bug with her eyes this time.

Litwick obeyed as usual and blew out embers that peppered the branch that Weedle was sitting on. They were also peppering the pokémon itself and made it fall down into the grass two meters below.

"Fire Spin!" Krissu shouted, having memorized Litwick's attacks easily over their first week together. She knew which attack to use when; for her other pokémon she had to think a bit longer.

"Not in my yard!" Mr Pokémon called out when he heard that command, but it was too late. A whirlwind of fire enveloped Weedle and made it impossible for the bug to move from the spot. The top of the tornado scorched the leaves on the tree they were under, earning many sweatdrops from their owner.

When the fire began dissipating a little without Weedle being able to counterattack, it didn't look very eager to stare back at its attackers anymore. Litwick moved closer, mostly to get a better look at the little burnt creature. Weedle showed its quickness once again by suddenly lashing out and stinging the candle pokémon! Litwick was able to make many physical attacks pass through it, but the poisonous tone of this Poison Sting did not. It let out a yelp and hopped back behind Krissu's legs.

"Since when are you so scared when being hurt?" Krissu asked in surprise. Litwick looked up at her and seemed to be a bit ashamed of itself. Weedle got up and waved its poisonous tail around, showing that it indeed wasn't dead yet. But Litwick had decided to defeat this bug now. In the best of ways. Without an order from his trainer, he blew out another set of embers that set the grass around Weedle ablaze. Now it couldn't move at all without being burned again!

It took a few seconds for Krissu to realize that Litwick had been exceptionally smart. Instead of blowing the bug to smithereens with a direct Ember, he had locked it in.

"If Weedle fainted... it would disappear and I wouldn't be able to catch it," Krissu said and looked at Litwick slowly. The ghost floated up to level with her head, a jolly smile on its half obscured face. "Haha... you know me." A sudden feeling came over her. Litwick was her friend, wasn't he? A game construct... mere numbers in a computer. But here he showed that he understood her intentions and could plan ahead for her sake. It was... this was... not just a game?

Weedle let out some kind of yelp, trying to rush through the flames instead of waiting around to be caught. That awoke Krissu from her trail of thought and made her reach for her bag some meters away. She threw an empty pokéball at the Weedle, effectively capturing it without giving it much chance at all to resist. Fire just wasn't a bug's friend.

"I'm done now!" she happily told Ange and Mr Pokémon as she trotted back to them with Litwick on top of her head and the new pokémon in the ball in her hand.

What they wouldn't immediately realize was that the fire spin and embers had done their job too well...

In only a couple of hours, the electronic news displays in pokémon centers would warn of something highly irregular: there was a forest fire on Route 31 near the Dark Cave and trainers were cautioned if they were to travel that path.

((OOC: This means that anyone who goes on Route 31 near the Dark Cave from now on can choose to encounter a forest fire in any way they like. Perhaps try to put it out yourself or with others, perhaps meet up with another player and have something happen involving the fire. You can't put it out completely though.))
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