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Spark was slung over the branch of a large tree, well above the ground and covered by trees. When she woke up she was glad to see that she had not fallen. "My chest..." She groaned while pulling herself up to an upright position. The pain wasn't excruciating, so she assumed there was nothing broken. "I can't believe I fell out of the sky, I was laying down for days I shouldn't have been that tired..."

Flying takes a lot of energy, especially when you don't glide. Xatu echoed in her mind.

"So you tell me this now?"

Your method worked fine.

"You give me a headache and I can't get rid of you." She said grumpily. She looked down, "Long way down." She sighed, "I have no idea where we are too, completely forgot." She had lost the direction she was going in. She started flying up above the tree tops. She looked around, seeing the road. "I can follow that I suppose." She flew high enough to not be seen but low enough to barely see the road. "Stupid exhaustion."
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