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I was never good with making SUs look pretty, but here's mine anyways!

Name: Adam Jenkins

Age: 15

Trainer: Sinnoh Male

Starter: Quilava (Blair)

Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember and Flare Blitz

Personality: Growing up with a mother who was hardly there for him, and a father who was hardly any better, but still trying to raise their child properly, has grown Adam into having a respect for his parents while having enough distance to want to become a person of his own. Taking from his parents, he takes great effort in doing things ‘flashily’ and sometimes needlessly complicated to make things seem more grand than they really are.

At first, he might seem stuck-up and eccentric, but it doesn’t take long for you to be able to see past the need for pointless flair and see a generally nice, helpful young boy with his heart in the right place. He has a steeled will, and when he decides to do something, he does whatever he can to pull through with it, despite it seeming to be a failure, which in turn makes him rather stubborn. He enjoys Pokémon, music and everything over-the-top, and he’s actually quite often seen with his beloved violin, either playing on it, or in its case and strapped onto his back.

All in all, Adam is a guy with his heart in the right place, with a love for everything over-the-top, and he can be rather stubborn, which can work out both very well, and very badly for him. He does also have a bit of an obsession with knighthood and being as gentlemanly as he can, which in turn makes him a bit of an airhead around girls.

Roleplay sample:
Taking a deep breath, Adam rested his hands on the window ceil of his room, facing southwards. From where his parents’ house lay, he was able to see quite a lot of the city, as well as the Pokémon center. He tried to calm his nerves, but the excitement had been building up for quite a while. Ever since he had gotten the news of having been picked to get a Pokémon and be a part of this little study of Professor Pine’s, he just couldn’t get his head out of the clouds.

Staring out over the bustling city, he couldn’t help but crack a smile, raising a hand to brush a finger over the small, red stone that was at the end of a leather string, hanging around his neck. “… I’m catching up with you. Better watch out.” He broke into a light grin and tucked the necklace in underneath the scarf hanging down from his neck and stretched out, walking over to his bed to pick up the backpack resting on it, pulling it onto his back, and afterwards making sure that the thin violin case that was strapped to the pack was also safe.

With this secured, he tugged his hat a little down and, with a smile, stepped over to the door to exit his room, giving a last glance at all of his things before taking a deep breath and shutting it behind him. He went through the house and into the living room where his father was watching television. He turned his head as Adam came down and offered him a warm smile.

“Oh, hey Adam. You’re finally off on your adventure, are you?” Adam nodded firmly, a bright grin on his face. “That I am! I can’t wait to get going, though I’m gonna miss everything here. Where’s mom? She said she’d be here to say bye.”
His father cringed a little and got up from the chair he was sitting in, walking around to his son, Adam quickly realizing what this meant. “… She’s not here, is she?” His father hesitated before sighing and nodding. “… Yeah. She had an important casting she had to go to that came quite unexpectedly. But she told me that she’d call you via your X-transceiver as soon as she could.”

Adam nodded again, quickly brushing away the feeling that was now bubbling in his chest and instead gave a bright smile to his dad. “Alright, I’ll be sure to get super far before she manages to call me! And I’ll be looking forward to your calls as well!” His father grinned brightly and nodded, giving his shoulder a light jab, making Adam laugh. “Alright, I’ll be sure to do that. Now go, I bet the Professor is waiting for you. Good luck on your journey, and give ‘em one from your old pa’.” “Yes sir!” Adam said, grinning as he raised his hand to give an exaggerated salute before turning and heading for the door.

It didn’t take long for him to get to the Pokémon center, having run quite a bit of the way due to… well, his excitement. As he entered, the first thing he noticed was Professor Pine standing and chattering with the nurse, a table set up next to her, by the counter. As she noticed Adam, she spoke a final word with the nurse and turned to him, correcting her glasses and smiling. “You must be… Adam. Come along, I bet you’re eager to get started.”

“You bet I am, ma’am!” He said as he stepped up to her, and with an arm brushed in front of him, taking a deep bow, he stood up again, meeting the gaze of the surprised professor with a charming smile. “Adam Jenkins, at your service, ma’am.”
Pine chuckled softly and waved a hand dismissively. “Well well, aren’t you a charming young man. I can assure you, there’s no need for that kind of formality here. All I need you to do, is to pick a Pokémon from the ones on the table, and I’ll give you everything else you’ll need.

She gestured to the cloth-covered table next to her, where several Pokéballs were placed on small piedestals, with a picture and a bit of info on the Pokémon within the ball were next to it. Quite a lot of the balls had already been taken, but Adam’s eyes were instantly drawn to the picture of a Quilava, flames erupting from its back, posed in a grassy field. It didn’t take much more to convince him which Pokémon he wanted. Grasping the ball of the Quilava, he tossed it into the air and grabbed it again, turning back to the professor.

“I’ve chosen! I want Quilava, please!”

“That quickly? Most people take a lot more time to choose and think about their choices. Are you sure you d-“

Shaking his head, Adam interrupted her by holding up a hand. “I’ve already given this a lot of thought and I’ve made up my mind. Thank you, but no thank you.” This was followed by a warm, reassuring smile from him, and the professor simply shrugged and pushed a little package across the table to him.

“In that case, here you are. Your Pokédex, and your license. Good luck on your travels, Adam!”

Adam picked up the two items from the wrapped cloth they were in, looking both over with a clear sense of excitement in his eyes as he bowed exaggeratedly to her again, pocketing all of the items. “Thank you once again, ma’am, for this opportunity. I’m –really- excited!”

With this, he gave her and the nurse a warm smile and a wave before turning and dashing out the center, a hand in his pocket, clutching the form of the Pokéball, containing his very own Pokémon. Finally, he was setting off on a journey of his own.

Within long, Adam had travelled to the outskirts of town, looking over the rolling, green hills surrounding the town, the mountain off to the far west and the forest to the north of the town. Moving to a small hill with a little tree on top, he sat down with his legs crossed, taking a deep breath as he pulled the Pokéball from his pocket. Staring down at it rather intensely, his chest started bubbling with insecurity, worry, hope and longing after something that he could only reach if he took this opportunity.

After a long while of contemplating, he turned the ball and pressed the button on the middle, which made it send out a red beam, quickly forming a Quilava which slowly blinked as it was released. Looking around itself, the Quilava sniffed the air around it, looking slightly confused. “Quil?”

Adam watched the flames wavering behind the Pokémon, the excitement that had built up until now only bubbling on as he saw the, in his eyes, rather majestic-looking Pokémon of his. Placing his hands on his knees, he smiled at the Quilava and gave a light bow of his head. This caught the Quilava’s attention, as it turned its head back to Adam, tilting it curiously.

“… Hey there. I’m Adam. Professor Pine gave you to me so I could train you and we could become stronger together. What do you think of that?” With this, he reached a hand out to the Quilava, offering it to it, as if giving a handshake, but with his hand slightly tilted. The Quilava looked at Adam for a long time before taking a little sniff of his hand. The fires on his back billowed rather powerfully for a moment before he let out a happy little growl, raising one of his front legs, placing it in Adam’s hand. “Lava!”

Adam’s lips twisted into a broad smile and he gave the paw a little squeeze and a shake, letting out a laugh. “Hahaha! Amazing! Alright, well, first thing we need to do is give you a name… hmh…” He quieted down, raising a hand to rub his chin while looking over the Quilava which had now sat down, watching Adam curiously. “… You look like a guy with a lot of… oomph, how to handle yourself… and with quite a lot of dignity.” The Quilava puffed out it’s chest and let out a proud little huff. “Quil.”

Nodding, Adam scratched his cheek softly. “In that case… how about… Blair?” Pausing, he looked to the Quilava which seemed to be thinking for a moment before letting out a billow of smoke from his nostrils, seeming satisfied. Adam grinned happily and nodded, pushing himself to a stand. “Amazing, then! Come on, Blair! It’s time for the two of us to take the world by storm! And we’ll start, by taking on every single Pokémon out there right now!” he proclaimed, placing a hand against his hip, the other brushing the scarf aside and dramatically pointing towards the rolling meadows surrounding the town, a brush of fresh, summery air moving across them, an excited grin on Adam’s lips as Blair stepped up besides him and let out a challenging growl. Adam felt a sense of pride bubbling inside of him, and a sense of the two of them having the world at their feet.

Incidentally, do we -have- to follow the game's path through the world? As in, Pewter to mount moon, to Cerulean? Wouldn't there be a way for, say, cars and bicycles and the like to go from Pewter City to Cerulean, rather than going through a cave? Like a road? Just my thoughts, but I'm only curious

Also! If anyone ever wishes to meet up with my character, or even travel around with him, give me a poke via PMs or the like and we can figure something out :3
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