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    dear anon

    sometimes the things you say baffle me. maybe i'm overthinking it, but actually... probably not. you're the kind of person that says things deliberately. you're a lot more intelligent and observant than you let on. so to say that... you're saying... maybe? you're saying that it's still a possibility? that we are a possibility? i'm not going to get excited about it, since a possibility is nowhere near a probability or a yes. but it's something. i love you still.

    dear anon

    start working on yourself rather than complaining. i've put up with your crap and i have given you advice because you're similar to how i was. but you don't want to do anything about it. well i'm not putting up with you anymore.

    dear anons

    how do we get along so well, the three of us? when one of you likes me and i like the other and we all know who feels how? we don't talk about it. ever. and we still get along perfectly and have fun. i'm happy it does work, but how does it?

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