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    I recently watched a video showing that the murder rate in america through guns is incredibly low. Most of the deaths caused by gun violence is due to gang warfare and these "shootings" which people decide to go shoot up a school or a movie theater are very rare.
    You're more likely to commit suicide than be murdered by someone else.
    Gun control laws only need slight fixing and the government needs to look at challenging obesity, healthcare (mental and physical), education and other important factors in society.

    In terms of faith, most of the US government are Christian, so it's only natural to have ones who beliefs "God will solve everything". In reality, if God put man on Earth, he left us to our own demons, which we must fight on our own.

    It's not about guns killing people. Weapons are designed to hurt and kill. In England you're more likely to be stabbed instead of shot and our murder rate is usually through young gangs stabbing each other in London and other major cities.
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