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    Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
    Sorry, yeah it is FR haha
    The post mentioned removing the intro, but im looking more to...delay it.
    I also have no ASM skills, but I will attempt to teach myself if thats what is needed to do my idea, but will that code remove it? or could i use that to maybe push back the intro of the game, so i can allow my own events to happen and then create some kind of event where it initiates the original intro?
    Yep, ASM seems to be a requirement.... and, if you learn it you could not only activate it (or parts of it, like Jambo kind of does) whenever you want, but make your own version.

    I don't actually know ASM (yet) either, so I cannot help you very much, other than finding posts by other people

    I think the (perhaps simplified) steps are: move the intro (and stop everything from trying to call it), build a function to start the intro at its new place of residence, and then write a script to call that function.

    Good luck!