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    -PART 3-
    -Went and did Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.
    -Battled Richard. Defeated Richard using Naruto's Flamethrower on Pidgeotto, Ketchum's Thunderbolt on Gyrados, Leonardo's Water Pulse on Growlithe, Naruto's Flamethrower on Ivysaur and Kadabra.
    -Got PokeFlute
    -Did Silph Co,
    -Battled Richard, using Roxanna's Rock Slide against Pidgeot, Naruto's Flamethrower against Venusaur, Ketchum's Thunderbolt against Gyarados, Leonardo's Water Pulse against Growlithe, and Gorilla's Leech Life against Alakazam.
    -Got team member #6-Lisandra the Lapras (Water strong against Fire).
    -Did Fighting Dojo.
    -Took on Saffron City Gym.
    -Defeated Sabrina using Gorrilla's Leech Life on Parasect, Naruto's Flamethrower on Venomoth, Lisandra's Body Slam on Alakazam and Ketchum's Mega Kick on Mr Mime.
    -END PART-

    Level 34/Docile/Male/Torrent
    Water Pulse/Bite/Tackle/Protect

    Level 34/Bashfu/Male/Static
    Thunderbolt/Dig/Brick Break/Mega Kick

    Level 34/Adamant/Male/Sturdy
    Rock Slide/Magnitude/Mega Punch/Defense Curl

    Level 36/Lax/Male/Effect Spore
    Giga Drain/Leech Life/Aerial Ace/Slash

    Level 34/Jolly/Male/Flash Fire

    Level 34/Brave/Female/Shell Armor
    Ice Beam/Psychic/Shock Wave/Body Slam

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