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Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post
Deffo Hoenn. But if it's a 3DS exclusive, then fudge it.

and may i ask you what your problem with the 3ds is?
by now, especially having a main series in the new console (not to mention DS being as good as dead), you should have understood that the new console IS a necessity, not something optional.
what did you expect? pokemon on an outdated system for all the eternity?
3ds is a new handheld not a mere update...

anyway, you only have 3 real options:
a- buy a 3ds
b- wait to make sure a remake is actually going to be released (you'll still have to buy a 3ds to play it regardless)
c- give up on pokemon games (or any nintendo portable game for that matter) until you feel like buying a new handheld.
your choice

Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
ofc a Hoenn remake, why?

cuz kanto and johto already had hgss dont u see? if they are to make one for the 3ds, that'll be in some years time

you cannot possibly compare the kanto region in g/s & hg/ss with the region in the original games. the space itself is there (even that is modified though) but what trully makes it a game isn't.
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