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Originally Posted by wygar View Post
i have to disagree with some of the points you made:

availability doesn't really decide anything when you take into account the fact that most (if not all) pokemon from gen2 were available in gen3 alone so it doesn't prove much and honestly that whole "gyarados hint" is as much of a hint as some of the stuff i saw on r/s remake speculation thread. the only difference being we had the g/s remakes but not the r/s ones.
but if they do those remakes after the next games you'll probably see ****loads of ppl saying: "see? the hints were real!"
not saying i believe those hints to be true but rather that none of them prove anything, at all.

now, i don't want you to think i'm just trying to blindly defend the remakes. in fact, as far as i'm concerned they can skip them altogether and go straight for a 7th gen after this one cause i'm not dying for more remakes and, unlike some, i'm not afraid of reaching the 1000 pokemon milestone nor that they might run out of ideas =P

other than that, i agree there are some obstacles to overcome in order to make it possible but at the same time, judging by the surprises we've had and the consistent quality of their work, i think it's too soon to make any assumptions.

just though i'd point out some possible flaws in your logic and hope you don't take anything the wrong way, just trying to be constructive towards one of the few good posts.
Yeah but Nintendo released the DSi with no GBA slot the same year Platinum came out, so those with a DSi couldn't get Pokémon from GBA games.

I had the argument that there weren't Hoenn remakes in the DS because you could still transfer Pokémon from GBA... But (thanks to you) I saw my logic was flawed. The real reason is that you can catch all the Hoenn Pokémon in the DS games. Some legendaries are harder to obtain, but remember 2nd gen had no way to obtain Mewtwo or the birds, not even in Crystal, you had to trade them from 1st gen, so legendaries are kind of a grey area when it comes to availability.

They *might* make a Hoenn remake if Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza aren't available in 6th gen, but ATM it's too early to tell. With the size of a 3DS cart they can fit tons of Pokémon in the new region and make us not need remakes at all. Or they could go greedy and include few Pokémon to force us to buy the remakes. I don't like the idea of new remakes because then there will be a remake of everything in the future, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and God knows what else.

I think 1st and 2nd gen were justified because, and let's not forget this, they were on the GB, and the GB was a console that was horribly outdated when it was phased out, having been released in 1989 in the 8-bit era. Technically a GB from 1989 could play Pokémon Gold! Which didn't require colors. Only Crystal necessitated the more powerful Game Boy Color. Meanwhile, Ruby and Sapphire were on the GBA which was a huge leap forward and more powerful than the SNES, which wasn't too shabby for its time. So it isn't *that* dated by today's standards, maybe compared to the 3DS, but then even the Diamond and Pearl games look dated compared to the bits of XY in the Pokémon Direct video. Hoenn (still) doesn't look horrible compared to the modern games, unlike RBY and GSC which have incredibly simple graphics (even though Crystal has the best animations in the series not counting BW).

As for the original question, I vote neither. What would be really cool is a completely new adventure in Kanto, with a new protagonist and new characters, but that won't happen soon because HGSS.

EDIT: While doing some quick research for this post I came across a post from 2004 that said the DS wasn't going to last. Well, we're in 2013 and the DS had 4 models released, and big budget games released until last year, and it also outsold the PSP. It was so successful that now we have the 3DS which is crushing the Vita sales-wise. So much for those futurologists who keep trying to tell Nintendo what they should do... :D

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