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@Rainbow Stuff Question - I do have some rainbow stuff lying around that I have worn, but the only real rainbow thing I have that I have no problem wearing around anywhere is a rainbow tie-dye shirt.

It's good to show a little pride here and there, but there is certainly a difference from being tasteful and annoyingly extravagant. There's a difference between wearing a shirt or bracelet that say "Equality for all" or "Yay Same Sex Marriage Yay" or something of the like to show support, and duct taping a neon sign to your chest saying "GAY" and becoming a one-man pride parade including all the frivolous noise and prevalence of assless chaps.

and also @Previous Label Question - I understand the concept about labels, but labels themselves over-complicate things because people can't stick to one bloody name as they discover themselves. My best advice? If you feel that your sexual orientation or gender label has too many footnotes and revisions, just go label-less. It's far easier trying to think up a way of explaining it in a sentence or two than just one word.

Also, hi again everybody! Long time no see.