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    Mind if I give you some help with your movesets then?~

    Well, it's just, yeah, your team looks okay, buuuut yeah, the movesets might need just a bit of adjustments~

    Well, for your Abomasnow, I recommend Earthquake over Avalanche, to catch switch-ins like Heatran by surprise.

    For Mamoswine, Snore is a liiiitle weak on it. How about trying Stone Edge, Ice Shard, or Icicle Crash instead? You also don't need Stealth Rock it, unless it's a lead, and since that you have pokemon that can more comfortably set up Stealth Rock in its stead.

    For Froslass, you just don't need Weather Ball if you're running Blizzard. How about Substitute instead? It can be a real annoyance along with it's Snow Cloak ability. I also recommend Shadow Ball over Signal beam, for a STAB move, and to hurt pokemon like Alakazam or Gengar harder.

    Now for your Heatran, try Lava Plume over Heat Wave. You'll get the nice "30 chance of a burn" bonus. Plus, I wouldn't recommend Iron Head and Earthquake if you're purely running a special moveset. Well, it's special moveset is preferred anyway. You can try Stealth Rock and Roar for shuffling, or maybe Earth Power against opposing Heatran or other Fire Pokemon.

    Tentacruel, you don't need Rain Dance if you are up against opposing Rain teams anyway. Plus, it's a bit... counter - productive for your Hail Team. The Toxic + Venoshock combo is a tad slow and kind of not effective on opposed to Sludge Bomb. You can have Rapid Spin to blow away Stealth Rock, to help out your Ice pokemon instead, as well as Blizzard because of that nice Hail effect of making Blizzard 100% accurate. Plus, an ice move is great on a Tentacruel, on opposed to a Poison move - it has more coverage.

    Finally for your cloyster, I wouldn't recommend having Spikes + Shell Smash in the same moveset, as it kiind of makes it worse for Cloyster, because it won't have access to the other moves in it's arsenal. So if you want to have a Shell Smash set, try Surf / Icicle Spear / Rock Blast, or if you want a utility Closyter, try Spikes / Icicle Spear / Rapid Spin / Surf.

    Well, in short:

    ~ Blizzard
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Leech Seed
    ~ Wood Hammer

    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Rest / Superpower
    ~ Ice Shard
    ~ Stone Edge

    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Subsitute
    ~ Shadow Ball
    ~ Blizzard

    ~ Lava Plume
    ~ Earth Power
    ~ Stealth Rock
    ~ Roar

    ~ Hydro Pump
    ~ Blizzard
    ~ Rapid Spin
    ~ Sludge Bomb / Toxic Spikes

    ~ Icicle Spear
    ~ Shell Smash
    ~ Surf
    ~ Rock Blast


    ~ Spikes
    ~ Surf
    ~ Icicle Spear
    ~ Rapid Spin

    Well, those are just some suggestions anyway. Feel free to make use of them, or, try any experimenting that you'd like~! But yeah, if you do use these suggestions, I hope they help! ^^

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