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    Interesting question. At first I was leaning towards "Ghetsis wins", but that's not so certain because N has Zekrom/Reshiram, which answer to him only. Even with all the Pokémon in the world under his control, Ghetsis would probably not be able to defeat N.

    BW was also before the DNA Splicers were discovered, so Ghetsis wouldn't be able to control Zekrom/Reshiram by fusing it with the Pokémon he gains control of much later on (Kyurem).

    So I'm inclined to agree with a post above and say that N would find out that the Pokémon became sad when separated from their trainers, and after much reconsideration would undo his actions, realize Ghetsis betrayed him, defeat Ghetsis and bring peace to the world once again.

    EDIT: Just realized how AWESOME BW and the sequels would be if turned into a standalone anime without that Ash crap. This would be something I'd really look forward to watching. Gamefreak (or whoever is in charge of the anime), give us at least an OVA, please!

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