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    I'm not sure since I stopped playing after I got my 3rd badge. I started with Snivy in White 2 (choose Oshawott in Black), I mainly choose Snivy because I prefer Serperior more than Emboar. My first runthrough of the game I always don't think about the important stuff like IVs, EVs, natures, anything. I mainly focus on having fun because the game is easy as it is. I only do competitive battling after completing the main game. It makes the experience more enjoyable for me.

    I don't have a team in mind most of the time when I play, but I never like to ditch my starter. The only time I did was in P/D/Plat. I don't like the starters in that game very much...

    So, the long awaited answer to this question: Probably not.
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