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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
And how well did that work for the families of all the children abused by pedophile priests? (and the priests themselves)

If you want to curb acts of gun violence then the gun industry needs to be reigned in and taken back from the fringe of lunacy, as well as recognizing the need for a comphrehensive overhaul of mental health programs and diagnosing. Letting go of the paranoid, extremist, romanticized view of conservative, religeous white america will help too.
Well, that goes back to what I said about moral values and virtues. A person with good moral values wouldn't go around abusing children. Also it's not like every priest, nor the majority of them, are pedophiles.

I do agree with you on the mental health programs, in fact I think there should be psychological tests in place before being able to buy a gun. But I'm sure there'd be ways to get around that (black market)
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