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    Originally Posted by Shikai View Post
    Username: Shikai
    You partner fire types: Entei and Infernape
    Why do you like fire types?: I just simply love fire types because they show a great understanding of strength which is the kind of guy I am. For example the scene where Ash couldnt control Monferno. I was just so excited of the power Monferno posesed with just fire. From that scene it encouraged me from then that fire types and I where one to be. Also because fire types are effective against those annoying bug types and poision types.
    Talk about the Pokemon you chose while joining this club.Why did you choose them?
    Well first of the reason why I chose Entei is because of his great strength. Entei may be like Zekrom or Reshiram who seek ideals and truth but to me He seaks the Peace of all of his kind. That is more than enougt for me to do my best to go along with that dream. I also chose Entei because it would be enjoyable to run around mountains, train, and even have fun with him. The reason i chose Infernape is because he is hardcore. By this i mean he does not joke around. he finds time to do things correctly once they are told and trains hard when he feels weak. When i was playing platnium i was stunned of how good I trained him. But all I could do really was thank him for being my old friend.
    Your pokemon needs to be non-legendary.
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